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Monday, September 26, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 20

Bishop Nickless - Facebook, 2 posts, 23 & 25 Sept - 2 points
Bishop Brustkewitz - Newspaper column - 1 point
Article about new Church building for N Platte Parish - 1 point
Cardinal DiNardo - Picture w/Doris Dejoie - 1 point

5 points total

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kung's Bane, The Fierce Franciscans, Week 20

Chaput [18]
[1 point] CNA page for help on the new translation, articles from Chaput et al on page too
[1 point] Encounter with religious from Denver in Philly at the installation mass.  Sweet story
[3 points] Celebrates 100th Anniversary of a school.  Reported on CBS affiliate
[3 points] Visit to St. Charles Seminary on Sept. 21 reported on twitter
[5 points] Michael Sean Winters in The Reporter, what would Kung's Bane be without him?  Last paragraph is the meaty one.
[5 points] "Chaput's latest", Michael Sean Winters is the gift that keeps on giving!

O'Malley [37]
[5 points] (reported Sept 19) Speaking out during mass about an assisted suicide ballot initiative.  Embedded audio on this link!
[5 points] (reported Sept 20 with different quotes)The cardinal speaks about "the sheer brutality" of the euthanasia law that is proposed.
[5 points] This guy thinks Cardinal Sean disobeyed VIII commandment when he released names of those not convicted

[1 point] Congrats to a new NH bishop.
[3 points] Blessing the soil of a new housing project in Hannover.
[3 points] "Red Mass" for those involved in the legal profession, the homily was where he slammed the ballot initiative that earned him the attacks listed above.
[3 points] luncheon following the Red Mass
[3 points] Fundraiser for Caritas Cubana
[3 points] Monday Sox game with sweeeeeeet seats
[3 points] Tuesday mass for Catholic Charities
[3 points] St. Agatha parish in Milton 70th anniversary

Olmsted [21]
[3 points] Gloria TV interview
[3 points] 9/11 blessing
[5 points] Withdrawing permission to receive communion under both forms!  Major storm brewing in Phoenix!
[5 points] limiting reception of wine in communion is called "truthiness".
[5 points] "Take this, some of you."  Another slam for Olmsted's decision.  I gotta say, I'm wondering what he was thinking when he declared this one.  I mean, he could make only ordained clergy ministers of the blood of Christ, but eliminating it all together is extreme.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 19

Bishop Nickless - Globe column, 9-15-11: Holy Eucharist: Christ’s entire body, blood, soul, divinity present - 1 point
Facebook posts - 1 on Wednesday, 1 on Thursday - 2 points
Bishop Brustkewitz - SE Register column, Catechetics - I - 1 point
Cardinal DiNardo - Statement on 9/11 (dated 9 Sept but not put up until this week. - 1 point
Upcoming Blue Mass article - 1 point
Appearance at a reception to honor retirement of Marilu Ballow, Director of the Archdiocesan Office of Special Youth Services - 3 points
Article about upcoming Shepherd's Cup - 1 point
Article about upcoming celebration of 75th Anniversary of Shrine of the True Cross church (note, the Church has a relic of the True Cross) - 1 point
Public appearance, opening Schools Mass - 3 points

Total - 14 points

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Vicious Vicars - Week 19

Vicious Vicars

Thought we left? Nope.

Cardinal Burke:
Link - Special Mass & Homily in Honor of Medal of Honor Recipient Father Vincent Capodanno [3 pts]
Video Link - Pontifical High Mass at the Shrine of Our Lady of Knock (Posted 9-10, but reported 9-12) [3 pts]
Mon. Sept. 12 - Tue. Sept. 20 at 3:30 AM & 6:30 PM ET EWTN - TV Appearance [3 pts]
Link - 2 Facebook Posts [2 pts]

Archbishop Carlson:
Link - Dedication of New Classroom Bldg. and Chapel w/Mass [3 pts]
Link - Weekly Diocesan Column [1 pts]

Bishop Vasa:
Link - MSW Throws a Conniption in the NCFW Over Vasa and Bruskewitz [4 pts - Not a full PROTEST of just Vasa - but says he shouldn't be a Bishop]

TOTAL: 19 Pts

I couldnt just let this AWESOME orthodox team float off into oblivion. I knew I had 2nd place pretty secure, and it is a tough time for us right now, we never really know where we are going to be. I will try and keep myself in 2nd to get to the playoffs. It is really hard finding info on Burke because he does so much overseas, a lot of stuff is in other languages or is delayed in reporting. 

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Kung's Bane Week 19

Chaput [18]
[5 points] Snarky post about Chaput's installation
[5 points] A list of slams against Chaput, one i had not heard, a self-defrocking priest speaking for the church and slamming Chaput.  Hmmmm
[5 points] you can call it "wry" or "snarky" but it's not flattering of Chaput or the pope.

[3 points] Three facebook posts

Olmsted [9]
[2 points] Two episodes of The Bishop's Hour
[1 points] Expand definition of Holy Land to include the land of the Chaldeans
[3 points] 9/11 appearance
[3 points] Rosary Celebration

O'Malley [15]
[3 points] Ordination mass for 13 new deacons.  Attended by Random O.C. Christian.  September 17 at 10am.
[3 points] Attended installation of Chaput, his fellow Fierce Franciscan!  Go Boom Boom !
[3 points] Visit to Rome and Basilica di San Bartolomeo all’Isola (the Basilica of St. Bartholomew on the Island)
[3 points] Meeting with the Capuccin bishops from around the world 
[3 points] mass at the tomb of St. Padre Pio
[0 points] Cardinal O'malley had dinner with Crusading Crozier slugger, Bishop Coyne.  Did you know that Bishop Coyne was ordained by Cardinal O'Malley?  Hmmmmmmm

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 18

Cardinal DiNardo - USCCB Statement on H.R. 1179, S. 1467. - 1 point
Meeting with Nashville Domincan administrators of new high school (Frassati Catholic High School) to open in 2013 - 1 point
Bishop Bruskewitz - Newspaper column - 1 point
Upcoming Marian Mass - 1 point
Bishop Nickless -  nothing this week

4 points total

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kung's Bane, The Fierce Franciscans, Week 18

Chaput: [50]

[3 points] Installation September 8 as Archbishop of Philadelphia
[3 points] Interview with Cathy Gandolfo
[3 points] National Catholic Register interview with Chaput Sept 6

[5 points] Putting sex abuse in perspective, "the church is not defined by her failures", Huffington Post
[5 points] Chaput called "smug" among other things.

[5 points] SNAP protest outside of Chaput's installation
[5 points] Catholic School teachers protest outside of installation

[3 points] 9/11 Commemoration scheduled for Saturday in Philadelphia
[3 points] WHYY Public radio interview
[3 points} Local CBS affiliate interview on radio and podcast with Marc Abrams.

[5 points] Tracy Davidson interview for NBC local affiliate.  Lots of direct response to sex abuse questions.  Go Boom Boom!
[5 point] Facebook posts

Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley says he "was anxious to dispel the idea that the Holy Father was avoiding coming to Boston because of the sex-abuse crisis." Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS, JOSH REYNOLDS / HC
O'Malley teared up as he spoke about the abuse and
the meeting he brokered.  Houston Chronicle picture
O'Malley [23]

[5 points] Editorial slam in Boston Globe
[5 points] Houston Chronicle article about how O'malley brokered a meeting between abuse victims and Pope Benedict.  YOU'VE GOTTA READ THIS!

[1 point] blog post remembering his time in NYC on 9/11
[3 points] Mass at Blessed John XXIII National Seminary
[3 points] Lunch at the seminary
[3 points] Labor Day cookout at St. Brigid's parish
[3 points] Celebrate 50th anniversary of episcopate ordination of a colleague

Olmsted [ 5]
5 points: Slam of misinformation,
 Can it be that Bishop Olmstedbelieves that this deceased baby is locked out of heaven? Does he really believe that God's heart is narrowed by the Church's theological imaginings? 

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Crusading Croziers - Week 17

The Labor Day weekend threw me off. So I get an extra day (it's good to be commissioner!)

Bishop Finn [0 pts]

Nuttin' [0 pts]

Bishop Lynch [1 pt]

Blogpost - Back To The Future [1pt]

Bishop Coyne [113 pts]

Aug 29 - 25 tweets [25 pts]
Aug 30 - 16 tweets [16 pts]
Aug 31 - 24 tweets [24 pts]
Sep 1 - 20 tweets [20 pts]
Sep 2 - 5 tweets [5 pts]
Sep 3 - 12 tweets [12 pts]
Sep 4 - 10 tweets [10 pts]
Podcast - Thoughts Of Teilhard, Pt 1 [1 pt]

Total for Week 17: 114 pts

Monday, September 5, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 17

Bishop Nickless - Celebrant @ Mass & carried Monstrance for Hispanic community  Eucharistic procession, public appearance  - 3 points
Have to share from the article: The bishop carried the monstrance that held the Blessed Sacrament and led the procession through the city. . . . Along the way, they made three stops.  . . .“At Planned Parenthood we asked our Eucharistic Lord to remove from our families and relationships the scourge of contraception and abortion,” Father Wind noted.
Column for Globe - 1 point
Reception of Candidate for Deaconate (public appearance) - 3 points
Upcoming Divine Mercy Conference  - 1 point
Article about DAA - 1 point
Facebook post about the death of his father - 1 point
Bishop Brustkewitz - column for diocesan newspaper - 1 point
Cardinal DiNardo - nothing this week

Total points - 11

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kung's Bane week 17

Chaput [24 points]
Via Con Dios!

[3 points] Farewell mass in the Cathedral.  Television story.
     On the local NBC affiliate.
     On the local CBS affiliate.
     The Denver Post
[3 points] The receiving line after his final mass.  Not a dry eye in the house!
[3 points] Interview with Pat Ciarrocchi on Philly's CBS affiliate.
[1 point] Article in Diocesan newspaper

[5 points] Philebrity upset with Boom sBoom's views on marriage
[5 points] Friday article in the Philadelphia Gay News.

[4 points] Facebook posts
Olmsted [11]
[5 points] SNAP said Olmsted lacked clarity with reference to a suspended or resigned priest. 8/29
[5 points] NCReporter (among others) reports Olmsted pleased at new abortion restrictions and several clinics choosing to not perform abortions, at least for the time being.  Olmsted is gettin' it done!

[1 point] New episode of The Bishop's Hour, "Alter boys, Padre Kino, and Keeping the faith"

O'Malley [36]

[5 points] Boston Globe didn't think O'Malley went far enought with release of names.
[5 points] Atty: Mitchel Garabedian not pleased with the omission of 91 names from the list of O'malley

[5 points] Cardinal O'Malley lumps innocent men with pedophiles
[3 points] Wedding on Saturday.
[3 points] Farewell mass for Father Rich
[3 points] Farewell reception for Father Rich
[3 points] Mass to welcome a new Monseigneur to the Archdiocese.
[3 points] Reception for a new Monseigneur.
[3 points] Opening mass for the beginning of the Seminary school year on Wednesday.
[3 points] Meeting of the Archdiocesan Pasotral council Wednesday