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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kung's Bane, The Fierce Franciscans, Week 23

Chaput [10]

[3 points] Hispanic Heretige Mass in Philly
[3 points] Living the Catholic Faith, a return to the basics, a new book by Archbishop Chaput
[3 points] Fighting for vouchers for schooling in Philly
[0 points] Expose article about SNAP.  Strongly recommend this reading.
[1 point] audio homily from Sunday

O'Malley [20]
[5 points] Calling all troops, Catholic work to help victims of human trafficking is banned by US government.  Slam to the entire government!  They will fund "anybody but Catholics"
[3 points] Archdiocesan pastoral council meeting
[3 points] consecration of a new hermit
[3 points] Funeral mass for a priest in Hyde Park
[3 points] 150th anniversary of the founding of the Italian state at a North Boston parish
[3 points] meeting of all the bishops of the province

Olmsted [13]
[5 points] Attack on the church, particularly Bishop Olmsted over sex and sexuality
[3points] Arizona rosary celebration
[5 points] Allegations are credible against a priest.  Olmsted accepts board's findings

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