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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kung's Bane, Fierce Franciscans Week 22

Chaput [30]
The Archbishop and the Mayor of Philadelphia at a Bishball game!
Chaput is a great asset to Philly's team!
[3 points] Phillies Game

[3 points] Respect for Life Mass and homily
[3 points] 3 Facebook posts
[3 points] 100 year celebration St. Cecilia parish
[3 points] Statements at annual Board of Governors meeting in Harrisburg, PA on Oct. 4
[5 points] "The Roman Colar is not a bullseye" Chaput defends a bishop falsely accused of sexual abuse
[5 points] At a private meeting, a priest accused of abuse received words of support from Chaput "he will not be scapegoated" and fellow priests gave a standing ovation.  This has caused a curfluffle.  This attack on Chaput form
[5 points] "Hold the Applause"

Olmsted [5]
[5 points] Slam from the womyn priests about the blood of Christ.

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