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Monday, October 24, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 24

Bishop Nickless - 1 facebook post 17 Oct - 1 point
Bishop Bruskewitz - weekly column in diocesan newspaper, 14 Oct column that wasn't posted until week of 17 Oct, 21 Oct column - 2 points
Real Catholic TV interview - 1 point
Cardinal DiNardo - Blog post on passage of Protect Life Act - 1 point

Total points - 5

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Fierce Franciscans, Kung's Bane Week 24

I wasn't going to post this week, because it seems pointless at this point, but my guy blessed the circus!  Too cool to not share pictures.

O'Malley [42]
Big man on the big top
Meeting a circus performer

Comparing habits
[3 points] Ringling Brothers, Barnum and Bailey Circus blessing of the animals and visiting the performers.

Chaput [3]
[3 points] In a speech that heavily quotes FDR  before Philadelphia City Council October 20

Olmsted [8]
[2 points] 2 episodes of The Bishop's Hour
[3 points] Dedication of a new school
[3 points] Co-Host of the Cardinal's dinner at Catholic University

Monday, October 17, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 23

Bishop Nickless - 5 Facebook posts (3 on 10 Oct, 2 on 11 Oct) - 5 points
Article on Bishop's Dinner (public appearance) - 3 points
Celebrant at Mass for Divine Mercy conference - 3 points
Blessing new classrooms in Spencer, IA - 3 points
Salix parish building memorial wall - 1 point
Upcoming Marriage Night - 1 point

Bishop Bruskewitz - The Bishop's column for the 14th hasn't been posted yet so it will be included (hopefully next week).

Cardinal DiNardo - Statement in Diocesan Newspaper about Respect Life Month - 1 point
12 Oct Letter to Congress as chairman of the bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities on Protect Life Act - 1 point

18 points total

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Kung's Bane, The Fierce Franciscans, Week 23

Chaput [10]

[3 points] Hispanic Heretige Mass in Philly
[3 points] Living the Catholic Faith, a return to the basics, a new book by Archbishop Chaput
[3 points] Fighting for vouchers for schooling in Philly
[0 points] Expose article about SNAP.  Strongly recommend this reading.
[1 point] audio homily from Sunday

O'Malley [20]
[5 points] Calling all troops, Catholic work to help victims of human trafficking is banned by US government.  Slam to the entire government!  They will fund "anybody but Catholics"
[3 points] Archdiocesan pastoral council meeting
[3 points] consecration of a new hermit
[3 points] Funeral mass for a priest in Hyde Park
[3 points] 150th anniversary of the founding of the Italian state at a North Boston parish
[3 points] meeting of all the bishops of the province

Olmsted [13]
[5 points] Attack on the church, particularly Bishop Olmsted over sex and sexuality
[3points] Arizona rosary celebration
[5 points] Allegations are credible against a priest.  Olmsted accepts board's findings

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 22

Cardinal DiNardo -article about Red Mass - 1 point
Bishop Bruskewitz - weekly column - 1 point
Upcoming pro-life conference - 1 point
Nebraska Bishops send a letter protesting HHS contraceptive mandate - 1 point
Bishop Nickless - 2 Facebook posts, 4 & 7 Oct - 2 points

6 points total

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Kung's Bane, Fierce Franciscans Week 22

Chaput [30]
The Archbishop and the Mayor of Philadelphia at a Bishball game!
Chaput is a great asset to Philly's team!
[3 points] Phillies Game

[3 points] Respect for Life Mass and homily
[3 points] 3 Facebook posts
[3 points] 100 year celebration St. Cecilia parish
[3 points] Statements at annual Board of Governors meeting in Harrisburg, PA on Oct. 4
[5 points] "The Roman Colar is not a bullseye" Chaput defends a bishop falsely accused of sexual abuse
[5 points] At a private meeting, a priest accused of abuse received words of support from Chaput "he will not be scapegoated" and fellow priests gave a standing ovation.  This has caused a curfluffle.  This attack on Chaput form
[5 points] "Hold the Applause"

Olmsted [5]
[5 points] Slam from the womyn priests about the blood of Christ.

Monday, October 3, 2011

The Crusading Croziers - Week 21

And then there were three...

Bishop Finn [3 pts]

Appearance in front of grand jury in Kansas City [1 pt]
Transcript of talk given at a pro-life banquet [1 pt]
Clergy appointments [1 pt]

Bishop Lynch [6 pts]

Blogpost: The Foundation of (and for) Life [1 pt]
Blogpost - De Profundis Clamavi Ad Te Domine [1 pt]
Blogpost - God And Forty [1 pt]
Attended Foundations For Life Gala on Sat Oct 1 [3 pts]

Bishop Coyne [280 pts]

9/26/11 - 18 tweets [18 pts]
9/27/11 - 21 tweets [21 pts]
9/28/11 - 19 tweets [19 pts]
9/29/11 - 20 tweets [20 pts]
9/30/11 - 96 tweets [96 pts]
10/1/11 - 103 tweets [103 pts]
Blogpost - The Thoughts Of Tielhard Pt 4 [1 pt]
Attending the 4th annual Catholic National Media Conference in Kansas City [3 pts] (that's why he has so many tweets on 9/30 and 10/1).

Total for Week 21: 289 points

(I will update the conference standings later this week. I promise!)

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 21

Bishop Nickless - Respect Life Month Statement - 1 point
Facebook post 30 Sept - 1 point
Public appearances: St. Anthony’s Nursing Home - 3 points
Gehlen Catholic School - 3 points
40 Days for Life campaign kicks off - 3 points
Diocesan Ministries Conferenece - 3 points
5 public appearances at various schools St. Catherine-St. Mary’s-Oyens center. Remsen Center, St. Mary High School in Remsen, Spalding Catholic High School in Granville & Spalding Catholic Elementary-Alton Center.
- 15 points
29 points
Cardinal DiNardo - USCCB Respect Life Month Statement - 1 point
Statement calling on Catholics in Diocese to comment HHS Mandate - 1 point
Public appearances: Farewell for CCE Director - 3 points
Keynote speaker @ Theological symposium - 3 points
Dedication of St. Martha Catholic Church, Kingwood - 3 points
11 points
Bishop Bruskewitz - article about upcoming Pro-Life conference - 1 point
Diocesan Newspapaer column - 1 point
2 points

Total points 42 points

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kung's Bane Week 21

Dear Managers,

I think it's just me and someone in Dubuque posting.  It's lonely playing bishball by yourself.  Perhaps we should rethink the season.  Might I put forward an idea?  How about a 12 month season whereby the managers only post for one week during each month.  How about 2-3 managers per team?  That way the managers would only need to post 4-8 times per year!

It's loads of fun seeing the standings change.  If you only needed to do it once per month it would be just as fun.

Let me know what ya'll think.  I've got a lot of bishball fatigue.  The season is just too long for me and evidently it's too long for you too.  The game has brought me deeper into the faith and I certainly champion its cause.


Chaput [20.5]
I was in "the Loggia" and someone "whispered" to me that Archbishop Charles has cancelled the majority of his speaking engagements and is laying very low.  He is listening and getting the feel for his new territory and the problems there.  He won't be making much of a fuss nor racking up loads of points for a while.  Hmmmm

[1 point] Facebook post
[3 points] Sunday mass to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the Sisters of Mercy in Philly
[3 ]points Rededication of a church, St. Bede
[3 points] 100th Anniversary of Holy Cross parish in Mt Airy
[3 points] Red Mass for politicians in Harrisburg
[5 points] A challenge to Chaput and all bishops to deny communion to pro-death penalty supreme court justices
[2.5 points] "In US Capuchins punch above their weight" snarky title but not too bad of a column

Olmsted [11]
[5 points] New attack about the excommunication of St. Joseph's.  This article quotes the New York Times heavily.
[5 points] Priest is petitioning the Bishop regarding communion wine.  Parishioners say that Christ instituted the practice and the bishop has no right to change it.
[1 point] The Bishop's hour anniversary show

O'Malley [14.5]

[3 points] Blessed John XXIII dinner.
[3 points] Dinner in honor of "communion guys"
[2.5 points] "In US Capuchins punch above their weight" snarky title but not too bad of a column
[3 points] Massachusetts Catholic Conference last Saturday
[3 points] Seminar on the new translation at the Diocese Center