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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Kung's Bane week 17

Chaput [24 points]
Via Con Dios!

[3 points] Farewell mass in the Cathedral.  Television story.
     On the local NBC affiliate.
     On the local CBS affiliate.
     The Denver Post
[3 points] The receiving line after his final mass.  Not a dry eye in the house!
[3 points] Interview with Pat Ciarrocchi on Philly's CBS affiliate.
[1 point] Article in Diocesan newspaper

[5 points] Philebrity upset with Boom sBoom's views on marriage
[5 points] Friday article in the Philadelphia Gay News.

[4 points] Facebook posts
Olmsted [11]
[5 points] SNAP said Olmsted lacked clarity with reference to a suspended or resigned priest. 8/29
[5 points] NCReporter (among others) reports Olmsted pleased at new abortion restrictions and several clinics choosing to not perform abortions, at least for the time being.  Olmsted is gettin' it done!

[1 point] New episode of The Bishop's Hour, "Alter boys, Padre Kino, and Keeping the faith"

O'Malley [36]

[5 points] Boston Globe didn't think O'Malley went far enought with release of names.
[5 points] Atty: Mitchel Garabedian not pleased with the omission of 91 names from the list of O'malley

[5 points] Cardinal O'Malley lumps innocent men with pedophiles
[3 points] Wedding on Saturday.
[3 points] Farewell mass for Father Rich
[3 points] Farewell reception for Father Rich
[3 points] Mass to welcome a new Monseigneur to the Archdiocese.
[3 points] Reception for a new Monseigneur.
[3 points] Opening mass for the beginning of the Seminary school year on Wednesday.
[3 points] Meeting of the Archdiocesan Pasotral council Wednesday


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