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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Kung's Bane, The Fierce Franciscans, Week 20

Chaput [18]
[1 point] CNA page for help on the new translation, articles from Chaput et al on page too
[1 point] Encounter with religious from Denver in Philly at the installation mass.  Sweet story
[3 points] Celebrates 100th Anniversary of a school.  Reported on CBS affiliate
[3 points] Visit to St. Charles Seminary on Sept. 21 reported on twitter
[5 points] Michael Sean Winters in The Reporter, what would Kung's Bane be without him?  Last paragraph is the meaty one.
[5 points] "Chaput's latest", Michael Sean Winters is the gift that keeps on giving!

O'Malley [37]
[5 points] (reported Sept 19) Speaking out during mass about an assisted suicide ballot initiative.  Embedded audio on this link!
[5 points] (reported Sept 20 with different quotes)The cardinal speaks about "the sheer brutality" of the euthanasia law that is proposed.
[5 points] This guy thinks Cardinal Sean disobeyed VIII commandment when he released names of those not convicted

[1 point] Congrats to a new NH bishop.
[3 points] Blessing the soil of a new housing project in Hannover.
[3 points] "Red Mass" for those involved in the legal profession, the homily was where he slammed the ballot initiative that earned him the attacks listed above.
[3 points] luncheon following the Red Mass
[3 points] Fundraiser for Caritas Cubana
[3 points] Monday Sox game with sweeeeeeet seats
[3 points] Tuesday mass for Catholic Charities
[3 points] St. Agatha parish in Milton 70th anniversary

Olmsted [21]
[3 points] Gloria TV interview
[3 points] 9/11 blessing
[5 points] Withdrawing permission to receive communion under both forms!  Major storm brewing in Phoenix!
[5 points] limiting reception of wine in communion is called "truthiness".
[5 points] "Take this, some of you."  Another slam for Olmsted's decision.  I gotta say, I'm wondering what he was thinking when he declared this one.  I mean, he could make only ordained clergy ministers of the blood of Christ, but eliminating it all together is extreme.

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