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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kung's Bane, The Fierce Franciscans, Week 18

Chaput: [50]

[3 points] Installation September 8 as Archbishop of Philadelphia
[3 points] Interview with Cathy Gandolfo
[3 points] National Catholic Register interview with Chaput Sept 6

[5 points] Putting sex abuse in perspective, "the church is not defined by her failures", Huffington Post
[5 points] Chaput called "smug" among other things.

[5 points] SNAP protest outside of Chaput's installation
[5 points] Catholic School teachers protest outside of installation

[3 points] 9/11 Commemoration scheduled for Saturday in Philadelphia
[3 points] WHYY Public radio interview
[3 points} Local CBS affiliate interview on radio and podcast with Marc Abrams.

[5 points] Tracy Davidson interview for NBC local affiliate.  Lots of direct response to sex abuse questions.  Go Boom Boom!
[5 point] Facebook posts

Cardinal Sean P. O'Malley says he "was anxious to dispel the idea that the Holy Father was avoiding coming to Boston because of the sex-abuse crisis." Photo: ASSOCIATED PRESS, JOSH REYNOLDS / HC
O'Malley teared up as he spoke about the abuse and
the meeting he brokered.  Houston Chronicle picture
O'Malley [23]

[5 points] Editorial slam in Boston Globe
[5 points] Houston Chronicle article about how O'malley brokered a meeting between abuse victims and Pope Benedict.  YOU'VE GOTTA READ THIS!

[1 point] blog post remembering his time in NYC on 9/11
[3 points] Mass at Blessed John XXIII National Seminary
[3 points] Lunch at the seminary
[3 points] Labor Day cookout at St. Brigid's parish
[3 points] Celebrate 50th anniversary of episcopate ordination of a colleague

Olmsted [ 5]
5 points: Slam of misinformation,
 Can it be that Bishop Olmstedbelieves that this deceased baby is locked out of heaven? Does he really believe that God's heart is narrowed by the Church's theological imaginings? 

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