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Monday, August 15, 2011

Vicious Vicars - Week Fourteen

The Vicious Vicars
Update: Summer is hard to combine with blogging. I need a new routine. I need to find a new way to find articles. EVERY WEEK I find tons of points I missed from the previous week. I dont know how to best find the stuff while it can still count for me :(

Cardinal Burke
Link - Article in NCRegister on the Future of Courage [3pts]

Archbishop Carlson
Link - Weekly Column: St. Louis Review [1 pt]
Link - Article: Eucharist as Center of Parish Life [1 pt]
Link - Invitation of St. Louis Catholics to 2012 Intl Eucharistic Conference [1 pt]

Bishop Vasa
Link- Special Mass for St. Bernard turns 125 [3 pts]

TOTAL: 9 Pts

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