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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Vicious Vicars - Week 13

Ok as usual it was a crazy weekend in Alaska, so I am just getting to this. Being without my laptop since Saturday night hasnt helped either. (Sometimes we stay at friends: "in town.")

Cardinal Burke:
Conference Keynote - Knights of Columbus "States Dinner"[3 pts]
Conference Keynote & Mass - Queen of Americas Guild [3pts + 1 pts] NB: Burke did a lot here, but I only want to give him 1 extra point, it isn't fair to rack up a bunch of points based on this or that.
Quoted - Cdl. Burke told Judie Brown to be "persistent" in effort to get Canon 915 enforced [1 pts]

Archbishop Carlson:
Cathedral Restoration - St. Joseph's in Sioux Falls - former diocese [1 pts]
Column - St. Louis Review - Spiritual Works of Mercy[1 pts]
Facebook - Collection Request [1 pts]

Bishop Vasa:
Interview - Al Kresta on Being a Bishop [1 pts]

Total: 12pts

I know there are more points out there, just don't have time to do it cuz of my post about the Catholic Hospital here, and trying to keep up with my 18mos old. UGH! Life gets so in the way of BISHBALL! :) Plus missing last week... I could be running this town Fantasy Sports Clergy League!

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