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Friday, August 5, 2011

Standings - Week Twelve

Below are the standings after Week Twelve:


1. Boys of Sunday [338]
2. Kung's Bane [303]
3. Crusading Croziers [152]
4. Dubuque Fighting Saints [100]
5. Zealous Zucchettos [64]


1. Pertinacious Papists [197]
2. Vicious Vicars [123]
3. Mighty Mitres [98]
4. Heresy Hunters* [97]
5. Purple Padres* [20]

[#] = total points

* - indefinite hiatus

It appears that the Heresy Hunters and Purple Padres will be disbanded for the remainder of the season (provided no one volunteers before Sunday 8/7 11:00 PM EST to manage them). Thus, their players will be available for Substitution Day, along with all currently unselected bishops. Those players are:

Cardinal Wuerl
Bishop Paprocki
Archbishop Sheehan
Bishop Aquila
Bishop Gracida
Bishop Slattery

Any player selected from the above list has to be surrendered to the original team at the close of the 2011 Bishball Season.

Is anyone else considering participating Sunday? So far, The Crusading Croziers, Kung's Bane and The Zealous Zucchettos are committed. Show up on Sunday if you want to participate (or just sit in on the proceedings).


  1. I'll be participating too -- it'll be nice to pick up a third bishop who will get me more than zero points each week.

  2. I'll do my best to show up. Who knows, I may even drop a bishop!

  3. Random suggestion-

    It might be good to have a wild card round before the championship game where the #2 and #3 face off to determine who gets to battle the #1 team.

  4. Dr K - I was thinking about having the top two teams of each conference duking it out for the first 2 weeks of Advent, and then the winners of that round go head to head for the last 2 weeks. Your idea has merit though - 1st place teams get round 1 byes, then go head-to-head with the wild card winners. The Competition And Rules Committee will take up your suggestion and issue a ruling in due course.

  5. Yeah, the Eastern Conference kicks butt!