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Monday, August 22, 2011

Standings - Week Fourteen

Sorry for the delay in updating the standings! I completely missed the Week Thirteen scores - but they've been included in the new standings. Mea culpa! Mea maxima culpa!

Well - Substitution Day has come and gone, with only two teams - Kung's Bane and Crusading Croziers - participating. KB picked up Cardinal O'Malley of Boston (releasing Bishop McManus), while the Croziers snatched Bishop Coyne of Indianapolis to replace Bishop Tobin. Both players have already made strong contributions to each team, and the dynamic of the Eastern Conference may be forever changed.

Kung's Bane continues to reap the benefits of Archbishop Chaput's move from Denver to Philadelphia, and the continued press coverage helped propel them past the Boys of Sunday into first place (along with O'Malley's double-digit first week debut)! But...don't count BoS out just yet. Nor the Crusading Croziers, as they racked up an impressive triple digit point total, led by newcomer Coyne's 93 point performance. Interestingly, the Boys of Summer failed to post a point total in week 14...have they thrown in the towel with half the season remaining??

The Western Conference leaderboard has remained steady the past 3 weeks, as The Pertinacious Papists, the Vicious Vicars and the Mighty Mitres held onto their positions, and the point spread among them is widening.


1. Kung's Bane [441]
2. Boys of Sunday [393]
3. Crusading Croziers [262]
4. Dubuque Fighting Saints [116]
5. Zealous Zucchettos [64]


1. Pertinacious Papists [224]
2. Vicious Vicars [144]
3. Mighty Mitres [108]
4. Heresy Hunters* [97]
5. Purple Padres* [20]

[#] = total points

* - suspended for 2011 season

It's becoming apparent that interest is waning among several teams, with two already undergoing voluntary suspension. The League Office, in the spirit of maintaining interest among all the managers, has declared that any team that was unable to participate in the Substitution Day proceedings is still eligible to do so, if the managers state their intention in the combox before the end of this week. So - if you want to replace one of your players, you are free to do so. And remember - players from the suspended teams (The Heresy Hunters and The Purple Padres) are eligible.

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