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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Pertinacious Papists - Week 12

Sorry for the tardiness this week. Here we go:

George - 10 points

Celebrated a special sending-off Mass for World Youth Day participants - 3 points
Celebrated the 50th anniversary mass for a local Hispanic mission - 3 points
Published a column in the archdiocesan newspaper - 1 point
Three Facebook posts - 3 points

Vigneron - 8 points

Appeared on Al Kresta's show talking about the feast of St. Anne, patroness of Detroit - 3 points
Celebrated a special Mass for the feast of St. Anne at the cathedral - 3 points
Quoted in an article about the pending sale of the JPII Cultural Center in D.C. - 1 point
Quoted in an article about the state of the archdiocese's finances - 1 point

DiNoia - nothing

Total - 18

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