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Monday, August 1, 2011

Mighty Mitres Week 12

Bishop Cordileone:

Statement on St. Joseph the Worker parish in The Catholic Voice.  It's dated Aug. 8th but was published a few days ago.  Beacon of social justice will continue its work .  Personally I would consider this a smack down of the parishioners who are complaining about just about everything.   It is gentle (in the Italian way) of saying,  "I heard what all of you said and I really don't give a cr*p."  Read it and draw your own conclusions. 

And the revised diocesan statement (pdf) concerning SJW parish:  

On July 31, Sunday (8AM) Bishop C. celebrated a Pontifical Mass in the Extraordinary Form

Bishop Conley


Bishop Etienne:
I guess someone bought him a laptop 'cause he managed 3 blog posts while traveling.  May I also say his photos are topnotch and worth a peek.    His blog 
I'll count this week at 7 (I'm not counting the diocesan statement)

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  1. I got 12 points for you, Duchess. 5 for Cordileone, 4 for Conley and 3 for Etienne.