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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Kung's Bane Week 16

Many smackdowns this week with the Bishops coming out swinging.  Sex abuse house cleaning before the start of the school year.  World youth Day news from last week that just hit the papers.  Lots of juicy stuff.  I know the Crusading Croziers wanted to be on our heels, but it looks like they will have to keep their new canary tweeting away to try to catch up.  Good luck to them!

Chaput [29 ]
[1 point] article in diocesan site
[3 points] Blessing a new community center in Denver.
[3 points] One of his final masses at The National Western Complex Friday night.  Posted August 26 by local Fox station.
[3 points] Part 2 of an interview with Thomas Peters

[5 points] "I love Fox News", Lots of swears and foul language.  Look out!
[5 points] Washington post editorial.

[5 points] "Chaput-in-mouth disease" explained.
[4 points] 4 Facebook posts

Olmsted [17]
[5 points] The Women Priests made a several-pointed argument against the policy against female alter servers in Phoenix' Cathedral.  Point #5 mentions "The Bishop of Phoenix" and bashes his "dying" form of "rigid" Catholicism.
[5 points] the NC Reporter agrees with the women priests on this.  Check out the last paragraph!

[5 points] New statement by diocese released on new allegations of sexual abuse.

[1 point] The Bishop's Hour episode, "Why the New Roman Missal, a new program, encourages chastity, and future saint Dorothy Day.
[1 points] 6 quotes of Bishop Olmsted on immigration and Mary in newsletter.

O'Malley [60 ]
[3 points] Making financially sound decisions for priest funds.
[1point] blog post
[3 points] Special Mass in Toledo, Spain for WYD
[3 points] Talk with young people about the Catholic history of Toledo and of Catholic Spain.

[9 points] Three talks for WYD catachesis, two on Wednesday and one on Thursday

[3 points] Mass Thursday after his catachesis
[3 points] Stations of the cross Friday night at Plaza del Cibeles
[3 points] Mass in Madrid at San Francisco
[3 points] Mass with Benedict XVI at the airbase
[3 points] To Santo Tomas in Toledo to see an El Greco painting.
[3 points] Closing mass on Sunday
[3 points] Good bye dinner Sunday evening

[5 points] Boston Catholic Insider slams O'Malley who is less than responsive to questions about pensions and nepotism.
[5 points] Open letter to victims of sexual abuse.

[5 points] New site database of clergy accused of abuse of minors. NCRegister reported this as well.
[5 points] Martha Coakley, Attorney General for Massachusetts faulted O'Malley for not listing priests accused in other diocese or those who left the priesthood before charges were leveled.  A slam albeit misinformed.

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