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Monday, August 15, 2011

Kung's Bane Week 14, The Fierce Franciscans!

Cardinal O'Malley and his bishball bat
Kung's Bane is pleased to welcome Cardinal Sean O'Malley to its roster.  Cardinal O'Malley is a great slugger and an excellent compliment to his fellow Franciscan, Charles "Boom Boom" Chaput.  We look forward to a fantastic rest of the season.  The Sox have pulled ahead of the Yankees in baseball and Kung's Bane may just follow their lead by passing The Boys of Sunday in the Eastern Conference!

Chaput [57]
[5 points] Sex Abuse attack, lots of misinformation, Philly Inquirer August 7
[5 points] Loads of swears in this gossip column about gay parents of child in Catholic school.

[5 points] Article in The State, South Carolina's Home Page.  Attacking Boom Boom for sex abuse legislation he helped to kill.  Lots of good detail, but low on the facts Chaput was dealing with.
[5 points] Chaput and the church's evangelical "coming out" party by Jamie Manson, August 8 in the Reporter

[3 points] Zappolo's People interview on Denver's Fox affiliate.  Aired August 8. HE WILL GET SLAMMED FOR THIS.  He said "homosexuality is a disability."  Get ready for the onslaught.
[3 points] August 9 Special mass for Deacon Day @ St. Joan of Arc parish
[3 points] 2 Catholic Foundation meetings @ JP II center August 11
[1 points] Article in Diocese newspaper

[3 points] Catholic Association of Latino Leaders Conference August 11-14
[2 points] Two Facebook posts
[5 points] His words last week are making lots of waves.  Reported only as a public appearance, but he slammed religiosity and sinful clerics.  Setting the stage for being a slugger in Philly.

[5 points“Destructive, irresponsible and un-Christ like” for California catholic Daily.  August 9
[[5 points] Same Sex Marriage issue, against because it's so visible, i.e. he's hypocrite.

[5 points] Posted August 13 news report of installation local Philly channel 6.  Another bash by another SNAP person.  Joanna something or other.
[2 points] 2 tweets via BishopFeed
[0 points] A really good article about Chaput for an Alaska paper.

O'Malley [31]
[3 points] Flying with a bunch of teens to World Youth Day on Friday
[1 point] Posted homily at deaconate ordination
[3 points] Priest's appreciation dinner video posted to diocese news.  Appearance last week.
[5 points] Accused of secrecy in Sex Abuse crisis, August 8.

[5 points] Priest writes about soft bishops and mentions O'Malley and the late Ted Kennedy.
[5 points] Wants to include gay couples in Catholic schools because he can't fight public opinion.

[1 point] Diocesan newspaper post
[3 points] In Denver for a send-off mass for pilgrims for World Youth Day. Aug. 10 article
[1 point] Mass on Monday honoring woman who worked at parish 45 years.
[3 points] Lunch and reception Monday.
[1 point] Blog post.  The Cardinal had lots of private dinners and priestly cookouts this week.
[1 point] Prayer by O'Malley published August 13.

Olmsted [3 points] Bishop's Hour promo video

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