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Monday, August 1, 2011

Kung's Bane Week 12

Archbishop Charles "Boom boom" Chaput [61 ]

For those of you who have become discouraged by Kung's Bane's rise in power, fear not. Now is the time to slam Chaput. His enemies have got to do it before they can get to know him. Before he works his Christlike ways on the citizens of Philadelphia and makes them all fall in love with him, they need to attack. I don't blame them and I welcome the points. After September 8th, it should die down pretty quickly.

[3 points] Visit to shrine of Saint Katherine Drexel.
[3 points] Centennial mass for St. Louis parish Sunday, July 24 at 10am.
[3 points] Interview after the Centennial mass with CBS story here
[1 point] Bishop's mass that "mysteriously" packed the cathedral and was reported on diocesan news

[5 points] Editorial that contains a slam toward the bottom. Praise for Chaput in first 3/4 of article then the zinger.
[5 points] In both a blog and the Philly Daily Times, Chaput said to be against victims etc.

[5 points] July 26, Rainbow Sash Movement video. Gay rights, sex abuse, gay clergy, etc. [5 points] Chaput is puppet of Rome, authoritarian, etc. by David O'Brien, oped in Philly Inquirer, also quoted on University of Dayton website. July 27
[5 points] "Chaput Brings Culture Wars to Philadelphia" I learned of this slam of Chaput by reading a post which opposed it by William Saunders. "uses Eucarist as a weapon" Reprint in CathNews July 27.

[5 points] America Magazine's Raymond Schroth summarizes two interviews of Chaput and adds his two cents. "Misogynist with compassion and sensitivity" was my favorite line. There is so much more!
[5 points] Very Chilly Pundit Philly, a recap of all the smack-downs aimed at "Archbishop Rush Limbaugh"

[3 points] 3 Facebook posts
[1 points] Posting regular homily of Sunday mass on Archdiocese website and as a podcast on itunes and RSS
[3 points] July 27 posted, Steubenville of the Rockies, blessed those teens considering religious life.
[3 points] Episcopal ordination in South Dakota. July 27
[0 points] Zenit says Chaput invited to be one of 8 prelates to teach at World Youth Day.
[0 points] Gay Catholic columnist for Philly Inquirer, Kevin Riordan is inspired by Chaput. Is hell freezing over?
[0 points] Excellent opinion piece in LA Times.

[5 points] Our good friend Michael Winters called Chaput "nasty" in comarison to the late Archbishop Sambi.
[5 points] Suburban Philly paper sides with SNAP on Chaput. To bad they don't listen to what he says.

[1 point] Tweet July 26

20:30 Archbishop Chaput explains HOW TO PRONOUNCE HIS NAME!

Bishop Olmsted [12]
[1 point] Thank you message for CDA donations.
[ 1point] The Bishop's Hour 7/25 broadcast, Prison Ministry, Hollywood, etc.
[0 Points] Catholic Underground podcast supposes that Bishop Olmsted may replace Chaput in Denver.
[0 points] Defense of Olmsted's 2009 decision. "Flower on the door" is a really thought provoking article.
[5 points] Smack down about his excommunication of St. Joseph's hospital. Blog by
[5 points] Another bash about the excommunication of St. Joseph's in an opinion piece for

McManus [9]
[3 points] Interview for Worcester community paper. "Bishop McManus looks to the future."
[3 points] Interview on marriage annulments on Catholic TV on July 25.
[3 points] Concelebration funeral mass for a Monseigneur (Lou Piermarini), evidence posted July 25

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  1. 79 points total. I had to take off the 3 pt for Chaput on the Steubenville event, because that had already been cited in Week 9. Can't give you double credit.

    Another great week though!