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Monday, August 8, 2011

Kung's Bane, lucky 13!

Chaput  [47]

[5 points] The Moderate Voice posted about the Catholic church's ongoing sex abuse scandals.  Chaput is mentioned among the "guilty".
[5 points] A Regali in Chaput's Clothing, post slamming both men.

[3 points] Actions news 6 report about Chaput, posted to internet August 2.  Better late than never!
[3 points] Mass and homily Sunday to welcome bishops for Knights of Columbus convention in Denver.
[3 points] Mass Tuesday to open convention of Knights.  Here's a cool video
[1 point] One facebook post.

[ 5 points] The Church Doesn't Get It, Why Chaput is the Wrong Answer.  by Robert Huber.  I got so pissed at this I left a comment!
[5 points] Bad Faith: The Catholic Church's Pointless Campaign Against LGBT Rights by Casey and Mary Ellen Lopata.  Published in RD Magazine online August 3.

[5 points] Women and the Papacy by Christopher Brauchli
[0 points] The band of Potawatomi recognized their own Bishop Chaput in a lovely article.
[3 points] Luncheon for Knights Convention where the film Christiada was introduced.  Looks to be a good flick!
[3 points] August 1 news conference announcing Knights initiative for Haitian relief.
[3 points] Busted Halo did a radio interview with Chaput on August 4.
[3 points] Interview with Catholic TV

Olmsted [3 ]
[1 points] The Bishop's Hour, weekly radio show.  This week, August 1 about Haiti and the making of a saint.
[2 points] Two videos in defense of marriage (English and Spanish) posted on Prop 102 site August 1.

McManus [1]

[1 point] Catholic TV televised July ordinations to the deaconate by Bishop McM

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