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Monday, July 25, 2011

Week 11 - Mighty Mitres

I must apologize to all the other worthy and hard-working managers for not posting last week.  I spent about 4 days completely exhausted from a silent migraine attack.  This one thankfully only entailed horrible visual thingys and skipped the pain.  It did, however, leave me exhausted.

I ask for no sympathy.  At my age a few visual disturbances proves I still have eyesight and a bit of tiredness proves I'm still alive.  All of which is very good news, indeed. 

Moving on to a not so exciting week for the Mighty Mitres. 

Bishop Etienne only managed one blog post and all next week he'll be on the road in Wyoming so has already predicted light posting.  Arrrrgh!  Since when is traveling around an excuse?  Someone buy that man a laptop posthaste!

Bishop Conley was quiet as well with Archbishop Chaput stealing all the thunder.  There's a very good chance Conley could be the next bishop of Denver which would definitely improve the Mighty Mitre team.

The last time anyone saw Bishop Salvatore Cordileone, he was eating capicola and dipping Italian bread in EVOO (extra virgin olive oil.)  That's what happens when you make an Italian a bishop.  Do I get points for capicola and EVOO?   Actually, I could use some capicola right now.  Wonder if he'll share...

Using my advanced math skills sharpened over the years by added up 2 + 2 and coming up with 4 (whoooooeeee!), I've skipped using the electric calculator in favor of paper and pencil.  After much calculation causing blood, sweat, and many tears, my teams total for this week is - wait for it...


The crowds go wild as the manager of the Mighty Mitres enters the stadium

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  1. In the future PLEASE email me. I come across Mighty Miter points all the time. Until school starts I can help