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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Vicious Vicars - Week 8

The Vicious Vicars

Cardinal Burke
Cardinal Burkes Birthday He turned 63.  [1 pt] 
Cardinal Burke thought adding Altar Rails to OL Guadalupe was a good idea [1 pt]

Archbishop Carlson
"Put Out Your Nets in Deep Water" - Weekly Column in ArchD paper [1 pt]
Appointed a new Vicar General - [1 pt]

Bishop Vasa
Bishop Vasa assumes Diocese of Santa Rosa, He actually is now Bishop, God save the... Diocese? [5 pts]
There were a ton of articles on this... I dont know how scoring works with something like this, so I am just using the one article and calling it good.
Opponent's Bishball Bishop Congratulates Bishop Vasa - This should be like 55 points, seriously. FTW [1 pt]

Total Points: 10

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