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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Vicious Vicars - Week 10

Cardinal Burke
Appearance - Appearance at Cork City Mayor's Office - Signed a Guest Book [1 pt] I am giving myself one point for this, because it really doesn't deserve more. A little off-beat, but fun?
Gloria TV Mass - A Mass for the Fota IV Conference [1 pts] - Didn't want to double on points
Mass Concelebration - [1 pt]
Conference Attendance/Talks - FOTA Liturgical Conference [1 pt]
FOTA High Mass/Vespers -  Pontifical Liturgical Celebrations [6 Pts]
FOTA Videos - Just for reference [0 pts] A lot of this is doubled up, I tried to be fair about the points so I gave myself a total of 8 for the conference. 1 for the TV spot above, 1 for him being there, and 3 each for Vespers and a Mass. I know there was more I could get, but honestly Burke could get 23423424 pts at a thing like this.

Archbishop Carlson
Column - Seven Spiritual Works of Mercy - [1 pt]
Facebook Posts (3) - on Various things in the ArchD - [3 pts total]

Bishop Vasa
Quote in "Faithful Citizenship 2012" - Normally I wouldn't award for something like this, but Vasa's comment about "Pro-Abortion" candidates has launched a campaign regarding the "Faithful Citizenship 2012" Guide and what type of language should be included for the USCCB Voter's Guide. This is worthy of a point, and maybe more depending on how this all fleshes out. Although the quote happened a while ago, the point is deserved I think because it shows how when a strong bishop speaks, those words have a tendency of lasting beyond their echo. Maybe I am stretching here, but yeah. [1 pt]

Total Points: 15

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  1. I concur with your point tabulation.

    One question - what "<>" command got you the underlining?