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Friday, July 29, 2011

Standings - Week Eleven

Faster than you can say "Anathema sit!", Kung's Bane - led by Archbishop Chaput's appointment to lead the Archdiocese of Philadelphia - is within striking distance of the Boys Of Sunday.

In what has become the single highest point total this season, Kung's Bane racked up an astonishing 101 points, 88 of which were supplied by Archbishop Charles "Boom-Boom" Chaput, to come within 72 points of the front-running Boys Of Sunday, who tallied 17 points for the week. The Crusading Croziers, who had held second place in the Eastern Conference for the entire season up until this week, got pushed down to third after posting 16 points. Trailing in fourth are the Dubuque Fighting Saints, with an 8 point week, and behind them lurk the Zealous Zucchettos.

Over in the Western Conference, another team has submitted their Letter of Forfeiture to league management - the Heresy Hunters - citing "personal reasons" to suspend play for the remainder of this season, but vowing to return in 2012. Thus, the league is now down to three teams: The Pertinacious Papists, in first with 179 points; the Vicious Vicars with 123 points, and the Mighty Mitres with 86.

The Heresy Hunters are officially on hiatus until Substitution Day - anyone interested in managing them on an interim basis until the end of the season, please contact the League Office (same goes for the Purple Padres).


1. Boys of Sunday [296]
2. Kung's Bane [224]
3. Crusading Croziers [145]
4. Dubuque Fighting Saints [92]
5. Zealous Zucchettos [64]


1. Pertinacious Papists [179]
2. Vicious Vicars [123]
3. Heresy Hunters* [97]
4. Mighty Mitres [86]
5. Purple Padres* [20]

[#] = total points

* - indefinite hiatus

With the BOS' comfortable lead dwindling, and Kung's Bane surging, the second half of the season will prove to be interesting, to say the least. Plus, with Substitution Day less than two weeks away - and several teams have indicated they will be participating - no team's lead may be secure. This has the makings of a down-to-the-wire finish that will come to define the term "exciting".

NB: Suspended teams' rosters are available for selection on Substitution Day - keep that in mind as you make your decision to participate or not.


  1. I'm tempted to sell my franchise and take over one of those western conference teams :-)

  2. I've added the Substitution Day Event Reminder in the right-hand sidebar. Show up if you intend to participate.

    Dr K - you're going to hand me 1st place in the Eastern Conference just like that, huh?

  3. I checked this in the hospital just before I was able to pick up my husband after hand surgery. It put such a smile on my face.

    When I first took over Kung's Bane I was intimidated by Dr. K. My husband said, "He's a doctor, he's busy." And that is right. I am a teacher with some time off. By the time school is back in session, we'll have the same amount of time to devote and will be matched.

    That plus Charles "Boom boom" Chaput really made the difference.