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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Standings - Week Eight (Updated)

The season is now approximately one-third over as Week Eight has come to a close. From all appearances, it seems that two teams have all but locked up first place in their respective conferences. The Boys of Sunday continue to rack up points and put more distance between themselves and their competitors, while the Pertinacious Papists enjoy a comfortable lead over their closest challenger, despite not publishing a points post for the week. [ed note: the P-squared's did publish late, due to (ahem) "technical difficulties" (translated: "My calendar broke" - read his points post), and I'm allowing his 7-point performance after all. I know - I'm a softie!]


...if one-third of the season is played, that means two-thirds still remain. A lot can happen - for instance, Substitution Day is one month away (Aug 7), where managers have the option of placing one of their players on waivers, and call up a different bishop to take their spot for the remainder of the season. Could such a change alter the landscape and affect the final standings? Time will tell.

In the meantime, the Boys of Sunday posted a whopping 46 point week, riding on the strength of Archbishop Gomez's 22-point contribution and Archbishop Dolan's 19-point showing, allowing them to be the first team to crack the 200-point barrier. The Crusading Croziers came in with 12 points to maintain their second place position. The Dubuque Fighting Saints eked out a four point performance, which was just enough to hold onto third, ahead of the charging Küng's Bane, who wrested fourth from the hands of the Zealous Zucchettos by posting 15 points. The team's interim manager, Random O.C. Christian, has proved to be formidable as she's intent on catching the Boys of Sunday.

The Western Conference tightened up a bit, as the Pertinacious Papists didn't post for Week 8only managed a 7-point week, allowing the other teams to close the gap. The Vicious Vicars came in with a 10-point performance, but it wasn't enough to hold onto second place, as the Heresy Hunters squeezed by with 18 points, led by the blogging Emeritus Bishop Gracida's 13-point effort. The Mighty Mitres came in with 16 points for the week, closing the gap ever so slightly between them and the now-third place Vicars.

So here are the standings after week 8:


1. Boys of Sunday [238]
2. Crusading Croziers [118]
3. Dubuque Fighting Saints [72]
4. Küng's Bane [69]
5. Zealous Zucchettos [64]


1. Pertinacious Papists [140]
2. Heresy Hunters [97]
3. Vicious Vicars [90]
4. Mighty Mitres [74]
5. Purple Padres* [20]

[#] = total points

* - Indefinite Hiatus

On a sad note - the manager of the Purple Padres, Denita, has formally submitted her resignation to the FBL Management Office, and her team is currently placed on Indefinite Hiatus. As with the Küng's Bane situation earlier in the season, if there is anyone interested in becoming interim manager for the remainder of the season, please contact the League President. It's possible that the FBL Department of Team Development may assume management of the Purple Padres, but not all that likely. However, in the event that no interested person (or persons) comes forward to manage the team, all three players - Cardinal Wuerl, Bishop Sheehan and Bishop Paprocki - become available for pick-up on Substitution Day.

We will miss you Denita - you had the best logo of any team! - and we wish you all the best. Thanks for participating and giving the Official Fantasy Bishball League a go!


  1. As I see it, The Boys of Sunday are like The Yankees and Kung's Bane are The Red Sox. I believe in the Sox. Now and forever. We're gonna win!

  2. Fear the Croziers, that's all I have to say...

  3. Dolan may or may not be on the roids.

  4. Dolan may or may not be on the roids.

    Gomez is looking mighty suspicious too.

    The FBL Office Of Ethics n' Stuff might initiate an investigation (although Vitamin B16 is an approved substance), should any contending manager come through with a substantial bribe.