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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Papal Mention and Major News Events

Elevation of Archbishop Dolan

For me, Bishball began as a fun past time.  It has grown into a tool that has taught me about Western Catholicism (I'm an Easterner) and the role of bishops as living icons of Christ.  In that light, I'd like to respectfully ask that we ad a new scoring category, the Papal address.  A few weeks ago, Bishop Gomez became an Archbishop, I'm sure that Archbishop Dolan will soon be elevated to Cardinal, as will my own Archbishop Chaput, Chaput is also moving to Philadelphia by papal appointment, a major change for him.  I think that these stories should be given a blanket 20 points.

Archbishop Gomez
The men who are elevated to become the face and voice of Catholicism to the world are being recognized by the pope because of who they are, human beings living out their call from Christ.  This is so much more than what they do, it is their very essence.  Also, the news stories, blog post explosions, and general hoopla around them mean that it's a major news event, a positive news event.  Living a Christian life and having that make news is what we should all strive for.  What do you say?

I can get dozens of news stories with sound bites and independently written stories with quotes, or you could just give me the 20.  Either way, I'm just tickled that Archbishop Chaput is moving to the most (or close) corrupt city in the United States.  They desperately need him.  I'm sad that he will be far away from his friend, Bishop Isaiah (Orthodox), but hope someday that he will be pope and help our churches become reunited.

I must admit that if Kung's Bane were my own, I would not have put such effort into it.  The team is Scott's and I'm really pulling out all the stops because it's for him.  He can't do it so I have to do my best so as not to let him down.

Pope Benedict XVI and Archbishop Chaput
While getting to know the 6 bishops (Mighty Miters and Kung's Bane,) I have learned about the role of bishops and seen how they take blows from the world, just as Jesus took blows.  These men really have put on Christ.  No bishop is universally loved or accepted.  They may be supported on abortion but rejected on birth control and immigration, etc.  While I wish to dethrone The Boys of Sunday, I don't begrudge them Dolan, a pastor who is in an Archdiocese that has an abortion rate over 50%.  I also don't begrudge Los Angeles their Gomez who oversees an enormous gang problem among his own flock.  These towns need the heavy hitters.  May God bless them richly.


  1. ROCC - I'm mulling this over, but I can say this much: 20 pts is awfully steep. I'm leaning towards the 5 point category with elevations to archbishop and/or cardinal.

    Regarding +Chaput's move, though - you'll probably hit the big time anyway, as I'm sure he'll be interviewed all over the place. I've already seen two print interviews today (National Catholic Reporter and CNA News), so that's 10 points right there.

    The Boys of Summer better check their rear-view mirror!

  2. I thought print interviews were 3. I already have 20 points of interviews and appearances for him and it's Tuesday! It's a good week for my team. I'm just saying that it's a good option.

    Option A: take 20 points
    Option B: site all the sources and possibly get more points than 20.

    This would be a one-week, one-shot deal. I think other managers should speak about it too. Maybe after the midseason draft.

    Thanks for this "sport", Larry, I'm learning so much.

  3. You're right - print interviews are only three points. Just make sure you don't double dip!

    Apparently Scott did a great job in evaluating and analyzing the prospects before the draft!

  4. I cannot believe how many points Chaput is racking up. He's doing several interviews and facebook posts daily, then there are the special interest groups who are really upset and issuing smack-downs to him. I might clear 100 points this week. I can't believe this. Being a teacher on summer vaca is awesome!

  5. Well, that's how the game works sometimes. All I ask is you make the points post easy to read! Just post links this time - no pictures, no sections of text, no vids. That'll help me sort through it all! Thanks!