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Monday, July 11, 2011

Mighty Mitres Week 9

Bishop Etienne:

Sunday, he celebrated the annual outdoor Mass commemorating the First Mass in the Rockies by Jesuit Fr. DeSmett.

Here he is looking all bishopy at his outdoor Mass

 One blog post - but he did go horseback riding wearing  very Western looking garb.  Does that count as an extra point?  heh

Here he is looking all cowboyish in the great outdoors


Bishop Conley:

Two special Masses - one for a youth event and one for the blessing of a chapel. 

July 9: Mass, Steubenville of the Rockies, Colorado Convention Center, Wells Fargo Theater (9:30 a.m.)
July 7: Mass and blessing of chapel, Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) headquarters, Golden

Article in First Things:  America’s Atheocracy 
Unfortunately, in our day, those “decrying the Christian religion” have seized the captain’s seat in America—in the academy, the media, the government and courts. The result is a kind of publicly enforced religious indifferentism, or what recent Popes have called “practical atheism.” The Constitution insists that no religious test shall ever be required for public office. But our society, in effect, now imposes an “irreligious test.” To take part in civic life, Americans must first agree to think and act as if they have no religious convictions or motivations.

America today is becoming what I call an atheocracy—a society that is actively hostile to religious faith and religious believers.  
He goes on to smack down abortion and homosexual "marriage." 

Bishop Cordileone:  

Was obviously so tired from his smack down of last week he had to take this week off.  

Soooooo - I'm only coming up with four points, once again NOT scoring Conley's article.  I'll leave that up to Larry. 


  1. As assistant manager of the Mighty Miters, I'd like to respectfully ask that they receive 22 points for this post. Each public appearance is 3 points and there were several of them but Adrienne only counted those as one-pointers. Etienne in flannel is worth 3! Each mass is 3 too.

    I got your back, Adrienne!

  2. Duchess: Etienne gets four points for the Mass and blog post. Conley gets 7 points for the 2 masses and the column ('smackdown' is a bit too general to count for the full five). That gives you 11 points.

    Suzanne - I admire your lobbying!