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Monday, July 11, 2011

Kung's Bane Week 9

34 Points for Kung's Bane!

Archbishop Chaput [21]

(3 points) An article in the Colorado Indpendent about Archbishop Chaput's comments on the Supreme Court's restrictions on video game violence shows that he tends to stir up the pot quite a bit whenever he speaks. That's why he's our MVP. Here, author John Tomasic brings several political and religious writers' work to bear on the Archbishop's stance.

Legal writer Emily Bazelon posted a constitutional view of the video game case as it approached the court last year. Bazelon is no “First Amendment absolutist,” as she put it, but she’s not sure the government would be properly fulfilling its role in U.S. life by helping parents choose what games are appropriate for their children to play.
To justify a limit on speech…. courts have to find that the state has a compelling interest and has used the least restrictive means to achieve it. Let’s stipulate for a second that the research on the link between playing games and acting more aggressive is good enough, despite the reasons for skepticism. What about the least restrictive means part? Does it really make sense to bar older teenagers from buying violent games? By 15 or 16, do they really need the state acting as their protector?
(5 points) In the online paper "Escapist",that claims to be "the voice of the gaming generation," Archbishop Chaput was lambasted for standing up for Christ. In a puerile rant that ended the article, Escapist writer, Mike Thompson said...

However, this piece isn't all that surprising to read, since Chaput has been an opponent of violent videogames since the 1999 Columbine shootings. He claims the massacre was "indirect but brutally real proof" of the effect games have on kids. On top of this, back when he addressed a special session of the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation two weeks after the shootings took place, Chaput claimed that violence in games had a "direct impact on youth and is among the roots of real-life violence."
Seeing as how Chaput was a pretty adamant foe of games back then, it's not surprising that he still hates them. That said, I'm willing to bet that Catholic priests have done more harm to the youth of the world than videogames have, though this wasn't something that the Archbishop addressed in his article.

The Archbishop took the hit from the short-sighted youth block and stood up for what is right. Bravo!

(3 points, but I think it should be 5) Pope Chaput? That's what writer, Thomas Peters said this week. Quoting the Vatican's Dr. Robert Moynihan, Archbishop Chaput is the most likely candidate to be the first American pope. AND HE'S ON MY TEAM. Boooyaaah!

“Europe is in crisis, demographically and morally,” he said to me. “For this and other reasons, it may be time, in the not-too-distant future, for an American Pope. A possible candidate will have to have had a strong formation, perhaps in one of the traditional religious orders. . . .”
Then he looked at me intently. “It may be time,” he said, “for a cappucino.”
What Potemra misses is that this could be a veiled reference to one of the most influential religious-order Archbishops in the United States: Abp. Charles Chaput of Denver (who is a Capuchin franciscan).
(1 point) An article dated July 7, published by The Brown Pelican Society, and titled, "Bishop Chaput and the Politics of The Devil" explores the Archbishop's words in an address he gave in the spring and compares it to other political thinkers and philosophers, among them; Francis Fukuyama, John Courtney Murray, and Leon Kass.

The irony is this: the search for human perfection implied in modern science—or at least, the kind of science accountable to no moral authority outside of itself—leads all too easily to a hatred of imperfection in the real human persons who embody it with their disabilities. The simplest way to deal with imperfections is to eliminate the imperfect. In our daily lives, Kass warns, “the eugenic mentality is taking root, and we are subtly learning with the help of science to believe that there really are certain lives unworthy of being born. . . .
(1 point) Facebook post on Wednesday.

(3 points) Mass at Steubenville of the Rockies, July 10 at 11:10

(3 points) Mass at the Cathedral Sunday night at 6:30pm.

(1 point) Blog post quoting this week's sermon by Archbishop Chaput

(1 point) Quote of Chaput on Daily Catholic Blurb

‎"I expect to die in bed. I expect my successor to die in jail. I expect his successor to die a martyr." - Archbishop Charles Chaput

Bishop Olmsted [9]

(3 points) As reported July 5 in The Catholic Sun, Bishop Olmsted said mass for a Knights of Columbus event. Here is a quote.
June 25, celebrate by Most Rev. Thomas J. Olmsted, bishop of Phoenix. During his sermon, Bishop Olmsted praised the Knights for their works of charity and unflinching support of
the sanctity of life and the sacrament of marriage.
(3 points) Posted July 3, 2011 Bishop Olmstead expresses his gratitude for Goretti Group speakers presenting about chastity and the Theology of the Body at the 1st BiNational Hispanic Congress for Respect Life and Evangelization -

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(3 points) Lifeteen article from July 5, reporting that Bishop Olmsted celebrated mass Tuesday with the youth.
Each one of the Masses throughout the week was beautiful and moving in its own unique way, each refocusing us all on the Source and Summit of our faith, the Eucharist. We were even privileged enough to celebrate the Eucharistic Liturgy on Tuesday with our own Bishop of Phoenix, the Reverend Thomas J. Olmsted
Bishop McManus [4]

(1 point) In an update to St. Catherine's School website, Bishop McManus was praised for dedicating the refurbished church. This addition was published July 5.
Air conditioning was installed in the church in 1972 Our beautiful church was refurbished and re-dedicated on May 3, 1974 by Bishop William McManus.
Hey, I know it's weak, but they've got Dolan! I'm combing the web to bring Kung's Bane back! Work with me here.!

(1 point) As more and more parishes in Worcester are being consolidated, Bishop McManus is making statements about the consolidations. I like the "profane but not sordid" quote from this local Catholic article.
Noting the new parish starts with a debt of about $2.5 million, McManus observed, "To increase this indebtedness will only serve to place an extreme and unwarranted financial burden on this parish." In a separate decree specific to Sacred Heart, he added it "is to be closed and may be relegated to profane but not sordid use."
(1 point) This fresh-faced lad is a new priest just ordained by the good Bishop. He's just put up his bio on his new parish website. Congrats, Father Nick!

He was ordained a priest last year on Saturday, June 26th at St. Paul's Cathedral in Worcester by Most Rev. Robert J. McManus Bishop of Worcester. In June of 2011 he received a Licentiate in Sacred Theology from the Gregorian University in Rome.

(1 point) In the blog, "Traditional Catholic Looking for a Wife," blogger Chris Whittle takes a local parish to task for inviting the late Senator Edward Kennedy's wife to speak. He urges people to write to their good shepherd, Bishop McManus.

Chris Whittle, traditional Catholic
(Latin Lover)
looking for a wife
With that said, she should not be allowed to speak since it is against the Catholic teaching to support abortion of any kind. Nothing against her and her late husband personally, it is just not the Catholic teaching to have this. So as the whole entire project, for which they want to raise $875,000 to renovate the building. In order to end his heretical project, I am asking all Massachusetts residents, especially those living in the Diocese of Worcester, Catholic or not, to write a letter to His Excellency, Bishop McManus, to stop this project. His chancery address is as follows:

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  1. Suzanne - 17 points for Chaput. Articles quoting a bishop or talking about a bishop (positively, of course) are worth 1 point, not 3. Interviews are worth 3, though.

    All your other links are good. So you get 30 for the week. Great job!