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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kung's Bane Week 11

Chaput [90]
Habemus Pastor!
[3 points] Special mass that was streamed live via Channel 9 (NBC Denver).
[3 points]Archbishop Chaput held a news conference at 10 EDT Tuesday and the Rigali celebrated mass with Chaput afterward.  These are two separate public appearances, one as the new shepherd and one as a con-celebrant with his predecessor.
[3 points] I had an interview with Gorsky, the AP guy in Denver this morning (Wednesday)
[5 points] SNAP leader, Barbara Blaine slammed Chaput and is not looking forward to his new appointment.  In an article July 19 on Denver's NBC station we hear.

But Barbara Blaine, president of the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, called Chaput’s appointment “disappointing.”“What Philadelphia needs would be a new leader who would come in and support the recommendations of the grand jury and I doth think Chaput will do that,” Blaine said.
Blaine called the apology issued by Chaput to Denver abuse victims “lofty words” that didn’t jibe with his opposition to a 2005 proposal to extend the statute of limitations for sex offenders.
Chaput pushed sex abuse victims to settle their claims, ensuring little information was released about what church officials new about the allegations.

“His track record on dealing with abuse is deplorable,” Blaine said
[5 points]NCRegister interview with John Allen dated July 19, there were some smack-downs in there, I counted at least 3.  These smack-downs were of Chaput of American culture.
[5 points] National Catholic Reporter did an article about Chaput that smacked HIM down.  Gosh, this guy's angry!  Congratulations Crusading Croziers, your Bishop Tobin was also smacked down with this article.
[1point] Mass Sunday, July 17 in the Cathedral
[3points] FOCUS Board of trustees meeting 8am Monday, July 18
[3 points] Tekewitha Conference for three days, one can imagine several addresses, homilies, etc.
[1 point] Story about Chaput and the Archdiocese with sound bites and interview bits and a nice picture on NPR's All Things Considered, July 19, listen at the link.
[0-5 point] WHYY in Philadelphia's show Radio Times dedicated a full hour to Archbishop Chaput on Tuesday.  Guests included Michael Sean Winters of NCR, Matthew Schmaltz of College of the Holy Cross and Barbara Blaine of SNAP.   The discussion ran concurrent with the Chaput press conference.  It's up to you if the interview really had smack downs.  It's NPR, they are dainty about smack downs.  Didn't let Blaine talk.
[1 point] Video interview with Thomas Peters reprinted in the Deborah Gyapong religion blog.  July 19
[3 points] Denver press conference at 3pm Mountain time July 20.
[3 points] Interview with Sandro Magister of "Chiesa" on July 19.
[3 points] Interview with Roxanne King of the Denver Catholic Register.
[0 Points] Acts of the Apostacy cartoon about Chaput's appointment, a brilliant mixture of Catholic blogging and Monty Python.
[3 points] Immaculate Heart Radio's "Caplis and Silverman Show" the Archbishop did an interview on July 20.  This was also streamed live on the net.
[0 point] A well-crafted article (more like an editorial) for The National Review, Michael Poterma writes that Chaput and the new Archbishop of Milan are possibly being groomed by The Holy Father to be the next pope!
[5 points] My Fox Philly did a feature news story about the new Archbishop and what he'll bring to Philadelphia.  Smack down is in the video if you watch it.
[5 points] Queerty's article "Hate Gays, Get Promotion" on Archbishop Chaput dated July 19.
[3 points] EWTN television interview on July 21 with Raymond Arroyo at 6pm Mountain time.
[3 points] Interview with The Catholic News Agency's Katherine Veik.
[5 points] Phawker, an alternative local news network online and on the radio published "An Open Letter to Archbishop Chaput" that is not complementary of Chaput, Catholicism, or the English language.  Curses abound!
[5 points] National Catholic Reporter dated July 21, lambastes Archbishop Chaput's communication style.  This paper is fast becoming Kung's Bane's best friend for point awarding!
[5 points] Philly Magazine's section, The Philly Post, article "New Archbishop Chaput's Tactics" paints Chaput as shifty, devious, and sinister. 
[5 points] 17 facebook posts but only 5 that weren't announcing media events.  Dozens of pictures were posted.
[1 point] The New York Times, an article in their religion section dated July 20 is almost a smackdown of Chaput, Laurie Goldstein
[3 points] Interview with The Catholic Standard Times, the Catholic paper of Philadelphia.  Interviewer Matthew Gambino published on July 22.
[5 points] July 22 article by Will Bunch, "Chaput won't lead the Philadelphia Archdiocese quietly" for The Philadelphia Daily News

[0 point] July 21 article in Ethics and Public Policy Center's publications by George Weigel is wonderful.  A very entertaining and informative read. The piece is titled, "The Rise of Evangelical  Catholic Bishops" and it's all about Chaput.
[0 point] Washington Post article by David Gibson about Chaput.  He's evidently outspoken but not a "blunderbust."  Great vocab word!
[0 point] Christine Flowers of The Philadelphia Inquirer in her opinion piece, "Charles in Charge," slams the opposition and wholeheartedly supports the new Archbishop.  You've gotta read this.  It's mint!
[0-1 points] Not sure if this counts, but the article is so well done that I have to pass it on.  Mollie posted to an article comparing and contrasting the myriad of articles written about Archbishop Chaput and the lenses mainstream media use to see him.  Fascinating.
[0 points] Colorado Catholic Conference bids farewell in official statements. Other bishops and the Colorado Speaker of the House also made official statements.  All in all there are [6] official statements.  You could give all 6 points for that or one for them all, it's up to you, I'm cleaning up this week!  LOOK OUT, BOYS OF SUNDAY!!!

12x3 point events = 36
9 smackdowns = 45
9 x 1 point events = 9
Olmsted [10]
Father Francis
Jackie Wright
[3 points] Father Francis Peacock's funeral was celebrated by Bishop Olmsted this Tuesday. Father Francis is a look-alike for Jackie Wright, a great character actor famous for his part in The Benny Hill Show. Can you tell the difference?
[1 point] Announced in The Catholic Sun on July 20, Bishop Olmsted announced new priest assignments this week.
[1 point] Article written by the bishop for diocesan newspaper.
[2 points] The Bishop's Hour, two new episodes, one on assisted suicide, July 18 and the other on protecting our children and the women of Phoenix on July 11.  Both programs were released on itunes and onto the web July 21.
[3 points] Dedication mass at a church in Mesa, AZ as announced on one of the Bishop's Hour programs above (July 11).
McManus [3]
[3 points] Funeral mass on Thursday for Deacon William Lucier.


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  3. Thanks for the Tobin shout-out, but I had already taken the 5 points for that article when the NCR originally published it.

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