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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Heresy Hunters Week 8

Bishop Gracida- (16 points)
Of Sheep and Sheep Dogs
The Purpose of Marriage
The Sky Is Falling
On Bishops and Canon Law
Gay Marriage in New York
Canon Law
The Mess in Boston
More on Boston
Euthanasia Warning
Congrats to Bishop Vasa
Still More about Boston
Okay...So I think He's Not Too Happy With Boston
Amen to Fr Z

 Bp Gracida got quoted by the National Catholic Register. (3 points)

Bishop Slattery - (2 points) He was just back from Rome
Remember tomorrow is Corpus Christi and we will have our annual Mass and procession at the Cathedral at 5:00. Any pregnant moms and any chronically infirm members of the Diocese are more than willing to come and receive the blessing with the Eucharist. Questions? Info at June at 14:13
I am on my last part of the journey - a part which I did not expect to have to take. We left from Rome too late to make the connection from Chicago to Tulsa, so I had to stay the night in Chicago. Am heading now to the airport for what I hope will be a quiet, simple flight, but today, one never knows what a flight may bring. I look forward to seeing you at Mass at 5:00 for Corpus Christi.26 June at 10:20
Bishop Aquila- (3 points)
Ordained 2 to the priesthood

I think that makes a total of 21.

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  1. the Mom - I can't grant you the 3 points from Gracida being quoted in the Register, because it's taken from one of his blogposts that you're citing. That's double-dipping.

    So you have 18 for the week - still a good showing!