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Monday, July 4, 2011

Crusading Croziers - Week 8

Bishop Finn (7 pts)

Presided Corpus Christi Mass and led Eucharistic Procession - reported on Monday 6/27 (3 pts)

Hosted and attended an appearance of the Vatican Nuncio who gave a speech on nuclear arms - in light of a new nuclear component manufacturing plant being built in Kansas City (3 pts)

Official announcement of Ombudsman being appointed for Kansas City Diocese (1 pt)

Bishop Tobin (1 pt)

Statement on the recent approval of same-sex civil unions in Rhode Island. (1 pt)

Bishop Lynch (4 pts)

Gone Fishin'! - blogpost (1 pt)

Homily for Fr Rozycki - blogpost (1 pt)

Farewell Good Father - blogpost (1 pt)

It's Midnight - Do You Know Where Your Seminarians Are? - blogpost (1 pt)

12 points for week 8. And Bishop Lynch is taking the whole month of July off, which is not good news for the Crusading Croziers. Looks like I might be making a replacement come Substitution Day in August...

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