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Monday, July 25, 2011

Crusading Croziers - Week 11

Bishop Finn (11 pts)

Article in the Catholic Key: "Will China Buy Our Silence About Persecution Of Catholics? (1 pt)

Editorial in Kansas City Star regarding the placement of a statue (at right), with one of the suggestions/poll choices being Bishop Finn's office, because of the way he's handled the sex-abuse crisis. (5 pts)

News report where SNAP wants to have a police officer investigated in the child pornography case against a Catholic priest; SNAP is suspicious that Bishop Finn called the officer, who sits on a diocesan advisory board, for his advice as to whether or not photos found the priest's computer constituted pornography. (5 pts)

Bishop Tobin (2 pts)

Op-ed in Rhode Island Catholic - "Golfing With My Dad" (1 pt)

Article that talks about a prison garden that was blessed by Bishop Tobin (1 pt)

Bishop Lynch (2 pts)

Blogpost: More About Seminarians (1 pt)

Blogpost: Happy Anniversary (1 pt)

Total for week 11: 15 points

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