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Monday, July 18, 2011

The Boys of Sunday - Week 10

Archbishop Timothy Dolan [3 pts]
Link 1 - [1 pt] Blog post
Link 2 - [1 pt] Column in diocesan paper
Link 3 - [1 pt] Weekly radio show

Bishop Robert Morlino [7 pts]
Link 1 - [1 pts] Presided over Finance Council meeting (facebook 7/14)
Link 2 - [3 pts] Attended a cookout with the diocesan deacons
Link 3 - [3 pts] Presided at 175th anniversary Mass at St. Thomas parish

Archbishop Jose Gomez [15 pts]
Link 1 - [1 pt] Homily
Link 2 - [3 pts] Presided at diaconate ordination
Link 3 - [1 pt] Column in diocesan paper
Link 4 - [2 pts] Facebook posts (two on 7/12)
Link 5 - [3 pts] Attended ecumenical event to support the poor and hungry
Link 6 - [5 pts] Queerty criticizes Gomez for opposing California legislation that would require homosexual history to be taught in schools

My unofficial tally: 25 pts


  1. Okay, thanks for the clarification of submitability of articles etc. I thought that if Chaput published something that papers quoting him would NOT be admissible. On the other hand, I thought that mentioning the Bishop in passing would be one point.

    I do think that speculation about who will be the next Pope or cardinal are good and speak to the general character of the bishop. Sure, we're having fun, but we're also learning about these men and about our faith. The speculation about the replacement of Regali has helped me to see how the church is run.

    My point total is therefore closer to 30 for the week, but we're still on fire!

  2. BoS - only change is Bp Morlino's first link - 1 pt for the FB entry, not 3 pts for Finance Committee. Finance Committee doesn't quite pass muster as a "public" appearance. So BoS gets 25 points for the week.

  3. Correction made.