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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zealous Zucchettos - Week 4

Cardinal Rigali
Only one publication from him this week...

However, once again he got slammed by the National Catholic Distorter...

6 points for Rigali!

Archbishop Listecki
Memorial Day Mass at Calvary Cemetery in Milwaukee.
Herald of Hope column on Bishop-designate Hying.

4 points for Listecki!

Bishop Callahan
Announcement that a long-time priest is switching parishes...and sticking up in defense of said decision.
Words in honor of a recently deceased area philanthropist, known especially for giving back to the Catholic hospitals and schools in that area.

Even Bishop Callahan gets 2 points!

Overall, we're talkin' 12 points total...woulda posted this earlier, but yesterday was my birthday, and I was busy celebrating with family.

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  1. burmy - Happy Birthday! I've adjusted the totals in the standings.