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Monday, June 6, 2011

Vicious Vicars - Week Four

The Vicious Vicars

Cardinal Burke [7]:

  • Cancels Speaking Engagement at Conference [1 point] Not sure what point amount this should get. Some say it is a "good" thing while others think he "wussed out" - personally I think it was the proper and prudent move, but who am I?
  • Pilgrimage to Lourdes  & Pontifical High Mass [3 + 3 = 6 points] This happened on the 28th, but because it didn't get "ENGLISH" coverage until this week. I dont know if it will count b/c of our whole "can't go back rule" but it did happen last Sunday. I think this is the right point distribution. 
Archbishop Carlson [2]:
Bishop Vasa [?]:
  • (Liberal Wacko Flip Out) NCR's MSW Thinks Vasa is Bad... [5? 3? or 1? Points] I dont know what this counts for, because he is merely mentioned in the article along with Bruskewitz, Olmstead, etc... this is a scoring committee call - sorry for giving you work! :)
TOTAL: [9 + ?]

Sorry that my update is so boring. It is summer in Alaska, so we do stuff now. We have been sitting indoors for the past 8 months, so dont mind my brevity. I will try and be more "witty" next time.


  1. I'm ruling against the Vasa citation. MSW is more or less just complaining that the Dallas Charter, in his opinion, is being ignored. There's no real Catholyc outrage specifically against Vasa.

    All other points stand.

  2. Joe - upon further review, I've decided to give you the 5 points for Vasa. The Zucchetto's claimed that same article - and if I'm going to give them the 5 points, then you deserve them too. The standings have been adjusted.

  3. Ok... Yeah... that's why I left it to your decision. So the points in the left column reflect this? Wow... I need to get on these guys, I know there is a lot of stuff coming up this summer, I should have gone with a more ACTIVE, but less ORTHODOX Bishop :P Vasa is hurting me :(

  4. I should have gone with a more ACTIVE, but less ORTHODOX Bishop

    I know what you're saying, Joe. Although you did land Burke, which was a coup in and of itself.

    I can't wait for Substitution Day - if Tobin doesn't pick it up any time soon, I may dump him. He's only scored 6 points in 4 weeks for me. I may have to write him and ask him to pick it up the slack here.

  5. You could always give your bishops steroids. How do you think Dolan got so ripped? (see B.o.S. logo)