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Monday, June 27, 2011

The Vicious Vicars - Week 7

The Vicious Vicars

Cardinal Burke:
(CNA) Cardinal Burke Pays Tribute to St. Thomas More - [1 pt] Cdl. Burke explains the importance of St. Thomas More (LINK)
(St. Louis Rev) Cdl. Burke Celebrates Mass (w/ Homily) at Eucharistic Congress - [3 pts] - (Link)
(Badger Catholic) EWTN Program discussing new Cdl. Burke Book - [3 pts] (Link)
(Marian Catechsit) New Cdl. Burke Books - [5 pts] (Link)
(Blog) Cdl. Burke Celebrates Mass with 1st Communicants [3 pts] - (Link)

Archbishop Carlson:
(Various Blogs) Abp. Carlson Calls for Worldwide Adoration - [1 pt] As chairman of the US bishops’ Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations has called for worldwide Adoration on June 29th as “an exceptional opportunity to give thanks for our Holy Father, to pray for all of our priests, and to ask the Lord for more vocations to the priesthood.” (LINK)
(ArchD Paper) Abp. Carlson - Weekly Column - [1 pt] Explains that we should preach the Gospel always through our actions as Catholics (LINK)
(St. Louis Rev.) Abp. Carlson Celebrates Outdoor Mass at Eucharistic Congress [3 pts] - (Link)
(St. Louis Rev) Abp. Carlson Celebrates Closing Mass & Eucharistic Procession at Eucharistic Congress [3 pts] - (Link)
(Facebook) - Abp. Carlson posted a quote regarding the Eucharist [1 pt] - (Link)

Bishop Vasa:
(LIFESITENEWS) Bishop Vasa explains how 'gay marriage' supporters misunderstand sex and human nature - [1 pt]  (LINK)

Total proposed Points: 25

*NB: So much was going on with the Eucharistic Congress, which was in Abp. Carlson's ArchD and Cdl. Burke's former ArchD that it was hard weeding through stuff. Hopefully I didn't miss too much in an attempt not to double up. 

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