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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Vicious Vicars - Week 5

The Vicious Vicars:

Cardinal Burke:
Divisive Groups & Cardinal Burke [1 pt]
Canon Law Society Pays Tribute to Burke [1 or 3 pts]

Archbishop Carlson:
Announcing Clergy Appointments [1 pt]
Weekly Column [1 pt]
Request for Support [1 pt]

Bishop Vasa:
Course at Napa Valley Mens Conference [1 pt]

This is based solely on "GOOGLE ALERTS" - I could barely get this page to load. I seriously am staying at a place with the slowest internet ever. I can post from my phone fine, but I cant link, and do crazy stuff like that. I didnt know we wouldnt have internet otherwise I would have gone into town this weekend and done the post. Sorry.

1 comment:

  1. Joe - 3 points for the Canon Law tribute.

    Due to hardship considerations (Section IV, Paragraph 17, subsection 5 of the Official Fantasy Bishball League Scoring Committee Rules and Regulations Handbook, ed. 3), I'm allowing your points for Week 5.

    Read paragraphs 18-20, because that info pertains directly to your situation.