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Monday, June 20, 2011

Kung's Bane Week 6

Bishop Olmsted
(1 Point) Youtube post on June 14. The good Bishop calls young people "good news"
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(10 points, for good handling of sex abuse scandal)
The Phoenix New Times reports the Bishop Olmsted is publishing an ongoing list of priests who have committed felony sexual assault. image.png
Spearheaded by Bishop Thomas Olmsted, the Diocese is putting out a list of sexually abusive clergymen on its newly revamped website. The unholier-than-thou inventory of pervert priests, friars, deacons, and even a bishop is meant to shed light on the abuse administered by the church over the years.

Bishop Chaput
(1 point) A theological essay, Infalibility in Question posted on June 13 lamenting the "ultra-conservative bishops (Chaput is named) who support The Pope on the subject of women-priests.
(5 points SMACK DOWN) this is a repost of a 2008 interview, but it was posted on this site just this week on June 14. I think that there should be a rule that if someone posts something anew to bring that event into a current dialogue and the piece hasn't been used in Fantasy Bishball, it's fair game. Go Chaput! Now I know how to pronounce the name. <iframe width="853" height="510" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
(3 points) Time Magazine blog discusses Joe Biden's relationship with the vatican and mentions Archbishop Chaput in an article titled, "Joe Biden's Secret Meeting with The Pope".

Archbishop Charles Chaput in Denver, criticized Biden’s position on abortion and said he should refrain from taking communion. T

Read m
(2 points) Archbisimage.png
hop Chaput dedicates a new church to Blessed John Paul II
The new chapel at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood was filled to capacity on June 3 for Mass and dedication by Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
Bishop McManus
(1 point) local diocesan blog tells how McManus rededicates a church. One of the steps in the closing of several parishes in the Worcester archdiocese.
“the changes in the social fabric of our communities demand changes in our parishes to meet new needs, new challenges, and most especially, new opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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  1. Awesome! Kung's Bane is back in business. The formatting is kinda weird (probably because you pasted the email you sent Scott, but that's ok). Read my Point Posts Publishing Pointers for some tips that you might find helpful for future posts.

    As far as the scoring goes - 5 points, not 10, for Bp Olmsted's actions.

    I'll give you the Chaput video, but not the smackdown, because the article briefly mentions it (with a link, I know) - but it was from four years ago, and really doesn't fit the criteria.

    The dedication is a 3-point play.

    So total points for this week comes out to 16 points.

    Going forward, limit citations to current ones only. And welcome aboard!

    p.s. - Scott never got around to coming up with a Team Logo. Maybe you could come up with's not mandatory, but the more logos we get, the cooler the sidebar will look.