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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Standings - Week Four (Updated)

The Fantasy Bishball season turns one month old, and as one team is forced to fold, another team keeps their foot on the gas pedal, and shows no sign of slowing down. If there's one conclusion that be drawn from the first four weeks of play, it's this:

The Boys Of Sunday are formidable.

They are the New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Heat all rolled into one. They have quickly distinguished themselves as The Team Everyone Loves To Hate - and yet, each team manager secretly desires to have any of TBOS players on their roster.

TBOS continued to pull away from the rest of the Eastern Conference with a staggering 40 point week, led by Dolan's 16 point performance, as Gomez and Morlino each chipped in 12. The Crusading Croziers turned in a strong 24 point week - without any help from Bishop Tobin - yet they still lost ground to TBOS, who now enjoy a whopping 38 point advantage over the 2nd-place Croziers, 97-59. The Dubuque Fighting Saints mustered a mere 4 points, but it was enough to skip past the Zealous Zucchetto's for third place - provided the Double Z's fail to post before the end of the day. *UPDATE* - the Zealous Zuchhetto's posted a 12-point week, which secured their hold on third, keeping the Fighting Saints in fourth.

In the Western Conference, the Pertinacious Papists surged into first place with an impressive 31 point week, cruising past the Heresy Hunters. HH has a chance to stay close or maintain their hold on the top spot should they post today - however, a source close to the team has confided to AoftheA Sports that they may have to forfeit this week's score. If that holds, the Mighty Mitres (10 pts) and the Vicious Vicars (14 pts) closed the gap between themselves and the second-place Hunters - the MM's are now only 7 points out of second place. The Purple Padres added to their total with a 1-pt week.


1. Boy of Sunday [97]
2. Crusading Croziers [59]
3. Zealous Zucchetto's [38]
4. Dubuque Fighting Saints [28]
5. *Küng's Bane [4]


1. Pertinacious Papists [76]
2. Heresy Hunters [48]
3. Mighty Mitres [40]
4. Vicious Vicars [38]
5. Purple Padres [9]

A word now about Küng's Bane. Manager ScottW reluctantly placed his team on Indefinite Hiatus earlier this week, stating that Real Life circumstances have forced him to pull out of the league. League officials (that would be me) have decided to keep Küng's Bane active for the time being, should someone step forward to helm the franchise - comprised of Archbishop Chaput, Bishop Olmsted and Bishop McManus - within the next few weeks, or if ScottW can successfully appoint an interim manager. Additionally, if the team status remains unchanged by the mid-season Substitution Day, all three players would be eligible for pick-up.

A lot may happen between now and the end of the Ordinary Season - but early indications seem to show that the team to beat in the East is The Boys Of Sunday. The Western Conference is a slightly tighter race, but just slightly. The Mighty Mitres and the Vicious Vicars hope to shake their slow start and pull closer to the top two teams - each team needs consistent big point showings, week-in and week-out, to stage a comeback.

It's a long season. There will be drama and surprises, and no one can predict how things will play out. But of this we can be sure: The Boys Of Sunday are The Team Everyone Loves To Hate.


  1. I could possibly help out if I can replace Chaput with Cardinal O'Malley. We need a Red Sox alternative to the Yankees Boys of Sunday. I've thought about "The Mass Holies" but that might be too vulgar. `How about The Beantown Red Beanies?

    Let me know if we get approval, we can be in the Eastern Conference and when Scott feels better, he can manage the team again. Perhaps we could co-manage. Let me know. Right now I'm assistant manager to The Mighty Miters, a very cool team, but I live in Massachusetts.

  2. Random O.C. - you can take over the team - if you can get out of your contract with the Mighty Mitres, that is :-). I'd prefer you keep the roster the same as well as the team name.

    Come mid-August, on Substitution Day, if you're still managing and it's okay with Scott, you can bring O'Malley on board in place of someone else. For right now, though, I'd like to keep things consistent for everybody.