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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Standings - Week Five

Week Five of Bishball witnessed a reduction in scoring totals from previous weeks for nearly every team, while in the Western Conference, the Pertinacious Papists have quietly closed within 10 points of The Boys Of Sunday for most points in the league.*

The Team Everybody Loves To Hate - aka The Boys Of Sunday - posted a mere 18-points for Week 5, as Bishop Morlino was nearly shut out for the week, contributing 1-point to the team. This allowed The Crusading Croziers to close the gap, but only negligibly, as they amassed 22 points, led by an 11-point effort of Bishop Finn. The Double Z's managed only 6 points for the week, and saw their lead over the Dubuque Fighting Saints shrink to 4-points, as the Saints came in with 12 points.

In the West, the Pertinacious Papists increased their lead to an incredible 57 points, as they turned in a 29-point performance, while the second place Heresy Hunters stumbled in with 10 points. The Vicious Vicars climbed into third, despite an 8-point showing, as the Mighty Mitres could only muster 2 points for the week. Rounding out the conference are the Purple Padres, who posted a season-high 6-point week.


1. Boys of Sunday [115]
2. Crusading Croziers [81]
3. Zealous Zucchettos [44]
4. Dubuque Fighting Saints [40]
5. *Küng's Bane [4]


1. Pertinacious Papists [105]
2. Heresy Hunters [58]
3. Vicious Vicars [46]
4. Mighty Mitres [42]
5. Purple Padres [15]

League management has accepted the proposal for an interim manager to take over duties of Küng's Bane. They have a tough road to hoe to competitively contend, but it's a long season. Several consecutive weeks of strong scores could see them climb the standings and put pressure on the rest of the Eastern Conference. The FBL Legal Department is finalizing the application, and as soon as the interim manager emails the FBL Commissioner, the team will be taken off of inactive status.

AoftheA Sports predicts a second relatively low week of scoring, as the USCCB June meetings are underway outside Seattle this week. However, as the summer heats up, the scoring will more than likely heat up as well.

*edited for bad math.


  1. I'd like to file a formal protest with league offices about the math done by the Fantasy Bishball Association statistician.

    76+29=105, not 115

    The Boys should still hold a 10 point lead overall :-P

  2. Sorry - the news story has already been written. AoftheA Sports doesn't do retractions...

  3. Just kidding! I fixed it.

    The Scoring Committee has been put on notice for this error. One more mistake, and it's bread and water for a week.

  4. Bishop Olmsted
    I tried to post last week. I sent Scott an email but it never got posted. This week's 23 points I have to post in comments because I don't have access. 6degreesofjp2 at gmail not com. Please give me access for Kung's Bane team

    (1 Point) Youtube post on June 14. The good Bishop calls young people "good news"
    (10 points, for good handling of sex abuse scandal)
    The Phoenix New Times reports the Bishop Olmsted is publishing an ongoing list of priests who have committed felony sexual assault.
    Spearheaded by Bishop Thomas Olmsted, the Diocese is putting out a list of sexually abusive clergymen on its newly revamped website. The unholier-than-thou inventory of pervert priests, friars, deacons, and even a bishop is meant to shed light on the abuse administered by the church over the years.

    Bishop Chaput
    (1 point) A theological essay, Infalibility in Question posted on June 13 lamenting the "ultra-conservative bishops (Chaput is named) who support The Pope on the subject of women-priests.
    (5 points SMACK DOWN) this is a repost of a 2008 interview, but it was posted on this site just this week on June 14. I think that there should be a rule that if someone posts something anew to bring that event into a current dialogue and the piece hasn't been used in Fantasy Bishball, it's fair game. Go Chaput! Now I know how to pronounce the name.
    (3 points) Time Magazine blog discusses Joe Biden's relationship with the vatican and mentions Archbishop Chaput in an article titled, "Joe Biden's Secret Meeting with The Pope".

    Archbishop Charles Chaput in Denver, criticized Biden’s position on abortion and said he should refrain from taking communion.
    (2 points) Archbis
    hop Chaput dedicates a new church to Blessed John Paul II
    The new chapel at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood was filled to capacity on June 3 for Mass and dedication by Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.

    Bishop McManus
    (1 point) local diocesan blog tells how McManus rededicates a church. One of the steps in the closing of several parishes in the Worcester archdiocese.
    “the changes in the social fabric of our communities demand changes in our parishes to meet new needs, new challenges, and most especially, new opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

  5. There was video and pictures to go with the points. Please give me access so I can post properly for Kung's Bane

  6. Random O.C. - I sent you the invite. I left you a comment at your blog last Sunday or Monday to email me - I guess you didn't see that.

    Remember to leave links. Thanks!