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Monday, June 13, 2011

Purple Padres, Week 5

Here's some more from Cardinal Wuerl.

An article on the Anglican Ordinariate (1 pt)

An article on the impact of Blessed Pope John Paul II (1 pt)

Bishop Paprocki

A column in the Catholic Times (1 pt)

Archbishop Sheehan

Ordination Mass on June 11 (noted on Archdiocesan Facebook page, but no separate listing anywhere else) - (3 pts)

6 points for the Purple Padres! Yeah!


  1. Hi, I'd like to get clearance to post directly to the site for Scott. I emailed him the post with our points (over 20) yesterday, but I don't think he got it or posted it. He needs to have his time away form Bishball. can I login? I'll post next week. I can post late this week, but I don't want to do it outside the time limits you set.

  2. Random O.C. - send me an email to lgd0708(at)aol(dot)com - then I'll send you an invite to post on the blog.

    Because of the situation, I'll waive the deadline for you to post this week's scores.