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Friday, June 10, 2011

Points Posts Publishing Pointers - Edited

A couple things regarding publishing your points posts:

* This is merely a suggestion, but I've found it to work for me. On Monday, I start my current week's points post, and throughout the week, I add to it any citations, articles, blogposts, etc. I come across in my Reader. Under 'Post Options', I set the Post date and time to the upcoming Sunday and 11:00 PM (that's just what I picked - you can choose whatever time you want). You can also save the post as a Draft, and then publish it when you want. This way I'm not scrambling on the Sunday or Monday at the end of the scoring period to publish on time. It helps with formatting too. For what it's worth.

* Now that we're a month into the season, I'm going to start holding managers to publish their points posts prior to 3:00 PM EST 11:59 PM EST on the Monday after the week of play. I've accepted late submissions, but the grace period is over. Just trying to be fair to everyone who has been posting on time.

* This is a minor thing, but it's something I'm kinda anal about - please label your points post with your team name and the scoring week, at a minimum.

* Regarding KΓΌng's Bane - bishball fan Random O.C. Christian has offered to co-manage the team for the remainder of the season. Everyone else cool with that?

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  1. Totally cool with whomever running KB... seriously, I think it is only fair if that team gets going.