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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pertinacious Papists - Week 5

George - 15 points

Dedicated a new archdiocesan prayer garden at a local parish - 3 points
Celebrated a special Mass during the annual gathering of the Holy Name Society - 3 points
Celebrated a special Mass at a local parish for jubilarians in religious life - 3 points
Celebrated a special Mass for the Lumen Cordium Society - 3 points
Three Facebook posts this week - 3 points total

Vigneron - 14 points

Ordained two men to the holy priesthood - 3 points
Protested against by many attendees at the American Catholic Council gathering - 5 points
Protested against in two NcR articles about the conference and +Vigneron's condemnation of it - 5 points
Gave his blessing to the gathering of the Call to Holiness conference (quote at bottom of page) - 1 point

DiNoia - nothing

Total - 29 points


  1. I'll grant you 5 points for one of the NCR articles, because they all basically cite the same source for their malcontent (Vigneron's letter issued to priests and deacons).

  2. Andrew - you can add this article, too, as a 5-pointer, if you get it in before Monday afternoon:

    Vigneron blasts Ferndale priest for leading liberal Mass

    It's a 5-pointer because Vigneron is attacked, and not directly quoted.

  3. I had that one in there already -- I'll amend my total for Vigneron upwards by 10 points for those two pieces.