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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mighty Mitres - Week 6

Alrighty,  now!  Didn't keep up day by day but at least I'm getting my post together the night before.  Using that as a benchmark, I should be up to par in approximately 6 weeks.

Bishop John Conley:

I'll leave the first one up to Larry.  It was a Mass of dedication that was done on the 11th but it wasn't reported about until the 13th.  Don't these people understand they need to report immediately??

Bishop James D. Conley, Auxiliary Bishop of Denver, blesses the cornerstone of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in Sterling during a special Mass of re-dedication celebrated Saturday during the church's 100-year anniversary celebration. 

Bishop Salvatore Cordileone:

From Catholic Online:   An article about the release of the second in a series of videos, "Made for Life",  for the Defense of Marriage Initiative.  

Bishop Cordileone, who is chairman of the USCCB committee was quoted as saying: 
"Our culture is one that often forgets the sacred gift of the child, and in so doing it also fails to recognize the vital importance of a mother and a father together for the life and upbringing of that child," said Bishop Salvatore Cordileone of Oakland, California, chairman of the Committee.

"In contemporary debates about the meaning of marriage, the rights and dignity of the child should be at the forefront. The video Made for Life builds on the first video Made for Each Other and invites a renewed appreciation for the child, for mothers and fathers, and for the bond between love and life in marriage-a bond only possible through the sexual difference of husband and wife. The video also addresses a real gap today in public awareness, namely, the close connection between a culture of life and a culture that promotes and protects marriage. The two cannot be separated."
From New York Times:  At the Seattle meeting Bishop Cordileone also was quoted as saying concerning the fact that some Catholics believing homosexual "marriage" is a civil rights issue: (is the previous string of words the very worse sentence you've ever read?  Sister St. Philomena is in heaven crying and asking herself where she went wrong. heh)
“My reflection on this is to ask, whose rights do we really need to respect?”
“Children are the most vulnerable in society,” he concluded, “and children need a mother and a father.”
From Iobserve: concerning the new document the bishops will prepare concerning homilies
Bishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of Oakland, Calif., said he thought the document should focus not only on Sunday homilies but on sermons at funerals and weddings.
"I've heard very few funeral homilies, and I've been to a lot of funerals," Bishop Cordileone said. "I've heard eulogies and I've heard some canonization nominations, but I have heard very few homilies."

Bishop Paul Etienne:

Blog post with his complete Father's day homily:   Father’s Day “lesson” on Holy Trinity

So the total would be:  Five?? 


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