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Monday, June 6, 2011

Mighty Mitres - Week 4

I'm in grave danger of losing my assistant manager and have gone into a week of mourning.  However, Suzanne may have an exciting announcement, so I may cut my mourning short.

The Boy's of Sunday have been a busy little group this week.  Congratulations (offered grudgingly.) 

Bishop Conley:

Original Article:  Denver Catholic Register:  The good about Girl Scouting, and a caution

(5 pts?) A smack-down (gentle but firm) of the potential dangers of Girl Scouting and a caution for parents to be alert.    
Obviously it hit a nerve. The following are just some of the articles referring to his article (which I don't think earn any points, but I thought was interesting.)

Parish celebrates 100 years in building - Journal Advocate
The weekend will begin with a special Mass of Rededication celebrated by Bishop James D. Conley, Auxiliary Bishop of Denver, at 3:30 p.m. today. ...

 Bishop Etienne

(3 pts) Three blog posts


Bishop Cordileone


Bishop Cordileone invites Catholics to conference on response to ...
Catholic News Agency
Bishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of Oakland has encouraged Catholics to attend the Napa Institute's first annual conference to respond to the growth of ...

Sorry for the colorful post.  I copy and pasted from Word and I'm not sure how to change the colors since we have a black background.  Next week I'm going to try something different to make this easier. 

 So -------  I think I have 10 very colorful points.  Correct?