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Monday, June 20, 2011

Heresy Hunters Week 6

Bishop Gracida - (7 points)
How hard is your mind? How soft is your heart?
Priestly Suicide
Problems in Boston
Priest Dies of Broken Heart
Brave New World

Bishop Slattery - (14 points)
I will be spending the greater part of today preparing for the ordinations and Corpus Christi celebrations later this month and next. But I also have to prepare for my annual retreat which will begin Monday in Rome. Can I count on your prayers that I make a good, solid, prayerful, silent retreat? Thank you in advanceSaturday at 10:46
 Remember everyone, CORPUS CHRISTI is in two Sundays. We will have Mass at 5:00 at the Cathedral, followed by the outdoor procession, Blessings of the pregnant moms and the infirm, then benediction. I hope you can join me.Friday at 19:41
There in both English and Spanish! I hope you get the chance to read this article and share with me your comments and ideas.Friday at 16:21
 I have just published my article on celibacy as a 'note' for anyone who wants to read about the spiritual power of celibacy. Now I will get the Spanish translation ready to go.Friday at 16:19
 Recently I wrote an article on celibacy for our Diocesan magazine. We have had it translated into Spanish too, and would like to share this article with as many Catholics as would be interested in learning something about celibacy, something about its spiritual power. Let me know if you would like a copy (be sure to tell me if you would like a copy in English or in Spanish)15 June at 19:36
photos of ordination 
Article from Diocesan Paper also cross posted to Face book in English and Spanish  (3 points for publication 2 for the FB posts)
Ordination of 14 deacons (3 points) 

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