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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Heresy Hunters Week 5

Bishop Gracida (3 points)
Pentecost post
The Boston Diocese and Contraception
Death of Dr Death

Bishop Slattery (7 points)
60 hours of adoration for the Pope  (linked from Facebook)
Celebrating the Beatification of Bishop Juan Palafox  (link posted on FB page)
Post on Diocese FB Page
Posted picture on Diocese FB page
Pictures from prison Confirmations

Posted June 6 -  Since I have so many new friends here, I would greatly appreciate it if you could visit our Diocesan Facebook page at and give it a "Like." You'll find lots of compelling and edifying news, video and photo content from throughout the Catholic world there. Thank you!
I just looked over the proofs of the Eastern Oklahoma Catholic with the stories of the ordination of Frs. Jorge Gómez (July 1) and Mike Pratt (July 9). This Sunday we have the ordination of 14 young men to the diaconate. What a blessed time for the diocese!08 June at 11:54

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  1. Nothing from Aquila this week, huh?

    By the way - this looks much cleaner. Thanks!