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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crusading Croziers - Week 4

Bishop Finn

Attended the School Bell Breakfast, annual fundraiser for diocesan schools (3 pts)

Column in the Catholic Key - letter of congratulations to diocesan graduates. (1 pt)

Removes priest from active duty (5 pts)

Article in the Catholic Key - 60th anniversary of Cardinal Baum's ordination (1 pt)
*pertinent quote: "“Cardinal Baum is regarded as a dear and good man, brilliant and holy, whose humility in the service of Popes and all the Faithful is an inspiration to all of us who want to follow Jesus Christ more faithfully.

And … Kansas City is his home. Every time I have ever had the opportunity to visit with him, he speaks with affection about the Diocese. He loves Kansas City-St. Joseph. We are always close to his heart.”

Message From Bishop Fin To All Churches to be read during Sunday Masses (1 pt)

Kansas City Star paper calls for Bishop Finn's removal. Liberal paper ignores the facts and opines that a good bishop must resign. That's a five pointer in my book (5 pts)

Bishop Tobin

-nothin'. Nary a peep.

Bishop Lynch

Out of Africa 2 - blog post (1 pt)

Crosier In The Sand - blog post (1 pt)

Celebrated Memorial Day Mass at Calvary Catholic Cemetery (3 pts)

Held a cookout for seminarians and men inquiring about the priesthood. (3 pts)

Total for the week: 24 points (and I'll still probably fall farther behind the Boys of Sunday.)

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  1. "Total for the week: 24 points (and I'll still probably fall farther behind the Boys of Sunday.)"

    I'm almost done tallying. What you see now in my draft is probably what I'm going to submit :-)