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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Monday, June 27, 2011

Zealous Zucchettos - Week 7

Cardinal Rigali
Celebrated First Communion Mass on Corpus Christi at the National Shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa in New Britain Township.
Facebook post inviting the faithful to Eucharistic Adoration on June 29 (60th anniversary of Pope Benedict's ordination to the priesthood...also Solemnity of Sts. Peter and Paul!)
And the National Catholic Distorter keeps the hate going...

All together, good for 9 points!

Nothing for Archbishop Listecki or Bishop Callahan this season I'll have to be a better draftsman...

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 7

Bishop Brustkewitz - Ordination of 2 priests for the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (snail mail newsletter) - 3 points

Diocesan Newspaper column for 24 June - 1 point

Bishop Nickless - 23 June Globe article about his attending USCCB Assembly - 1 point

23 June Globe Interview about events at USCCB Assembly - 3 points

23 June Globe Article about diocesan appeal with short interview of Bishop Nickless - 3 points
23 June Globe Article about Bishop Nickless celebrating 125th Anniversary of St. Joseph Parish in Granville - 3 points

23 June Globe Article about Bishop announcing the speaker for the upcoming 15th Annual Bishop’s Dinner for Catholic Schools, Dick Vitale - 1 point

Cardinal DiNardo - Blog post about Suicide statement voted on at USCCB Assembly - 1 point

21 June Article about Dedication of Our Lady of Walsingham shrine for The Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston’s only Anglican Use parish by Cardinal DiNardo - 3 points
21 June Article about ordinations with parts of homily by Cardinal DiNardo - 3 points

22 points for the week

The Boys of Sunday - Week 7

Bp. Morlino was in Rome for much of the week, and Abp. Gomez has now headed to Rome in order to receive his pallium. Thankfully, for the Boys of Sunday, there are many out there who continue to attack Archbishop Dolan!

Archbishop Timothy Dolan [25 pts]

Link 1 - [1 pt] Facebook post (6/20)
Link 2 - [3 pts] Audio of homily
Link 3 - [1 pt] Blog post on Corpus Christi
Link 4 - [1 pts] Dolan signer of NYS bishops response opposing the passage of gay marriage
Link 5 - [3 pts] NY Times Interview with reporters re: gay marriage passage
Link 6 - [5 pts] First Dolan was called the "d-bag of the day,"now he's called the "weirdo cross-dressing elf."
Link 7 - [5 pts] Washintgon Post blogger critical of Dolan in particular and Catholicism in general
Link 8 - [5 pts] A sports writer (yes, sports writer) for the NY Daily News claims that Dolan is only fighting gay marriage in order to become a Cardinal, and asserts that his comments are "laced with ignorance and intolerance."
Link 9 - [1 pt] Weekly radio talk show

Bishop Robert Morlino [3 pts]
Link 1 - [3 pts] Presided and preached at stational Mass @ St. Patrick church. Participated in Corpus Christi procession.

Archbishop Jose Gomez [9 pts]
Link 1 - [2 pts] Facebook posts (6/24, 6/26)
Link 2 - [1 pt] Diocesan paper coulmn
Link 3 - [3 pts] Celebrated Corpus Christi Mass @ St. Ignatius Loyola in Rome
Link 4 - [3 pts] Interview with NBC affiliate in LA

My unofficial tally: 37 pts

Mighty Mitres - Week 7

My bishops were MIA (again!) this week.  It's like they've crawled into some deep dark "bishops hole" and will emerge after I've been humiliated and beaten to a pulp.  Could it be a conspiracy?

Bishop Conley surfaced to perform a few bishopy duties. I will mention that Bishop Cordelione is busy fending off attacks from St. Joseph the Worker parish who hate their new pastor (which I reported on last week - so no points.)  It appears I missed the part when the police were called after some parishioners entered the church to speak with him following Mass.  Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

Bishop Conley:

June 20:  Mass and blessing of new chapel, Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS) headquarters, Golden (3:15 p.m.)

June 25:  Permanent diaconate ordination, Cathedral Basilica of the Immaculate Conception (10 a.m.); Mass, Mother of God Parish (4 p.m.)

June 23:   “Celebrating Marriage—A Reason for Hope” benefit dinner for The Alexander House, The Wildlife Experience, Lone Tree (6 p.m.)    Well scratch this one.  He's didn't even speak.  Does showing up and looking all bishopy and eating rubber chicken count for anything?  Perhaps he proclaimed the blessing over the food.  That should be at least 1/2 point, doncha think?   


Crusading Croziers - Week 7

Bishop Finn

Article - Bishop Finn appoints new Vicar for Priests in Kansas City diocese (1 pt)

Article - appointments and assignments of clergy in the Diocese of Kansas City. (1 pt)

Bishop Tobin

Presided at the annual Religious Jubilee Celebration (3 pts)

Column in Rhode Island Catholic (1 pt)

Mass of Ordination for Diocese of Providence (3 pts)

Celebrated a memorial Mass on the 125th anniversary of the death of the Dicocese of Providence's first bishop, Bishop Thomas Hendrickson (3 pts)

Bishop Lynch

Woo Woo blogpost (1 pt)

Total for Week 7: a mere 13 points

Standings - Week Six

The Week Six standings and points are (finally!) updated. Sorry for the delay. There were no changes to the standings, and the Boys of Sunday racked up like another million points and are basically in a League Of Their Own.

Oh - and Kung's Bane is back!

The Vicious Vicars - Week 7

The Vicious Vicars

Cardinal Burke:
(CNA) Cardinal Burke Pays Tribute to St. Thomas More - [1 pt] Cdl. Burke explains the importance of St. Thomas More (LINK)
(St. Louis Rev) Cdl. Burke Celebrates Mass (w/ Homily) at Eucharistic Congress - [3 pts] - (Link)
(Badger Catholic) EWTN Program discussing new Cdl. Burke Book - [3 pts] (Link)
(Marian Catechsit) New Cdl. Burke Books - [5 pts] (Link)
(Blog) Cdl. Burke Celebrates Mass with 1st Communicants [3 pts] - (Link)

Archbishop Carlson:
(Various Blogs) Abp. Carlson Calls for Worldwide Adoration - [1 pt] As chairman of the US bishops’ Committee on Clergy, Consecrated Life and Vocations has called for worldwide Adoration on June 29th as “an exceptional opportunity to give thanks for our Holy Father, to pray for all of our priests, and to ask the Lord for more vocations to the priesthood.” (LINK)
(ArchD Paper) Abp. Carlson - Weekly Column - [1 pt] Explains that we should preach the Gospel always through our actions as Catholics (LINK)
(St. Louis Rev.) Abp. Carlson Celebrates Outdoor Mass at Eucharistic Congress [3 pts] - (Link)
(St. Louis Rev) Abp. Carlson Celebrates Closing Mass & Eucharistic Procession at Eucharistic Congress [3 pts] - (Link)
(Facebook) - Abp. Carlson posted a quote regarding the Eucharist [1 pt] - (Link)

Bishop Vasa:
(LIFESITENEWS) Bishop Vasa explains how 'gay marriage' supporters misunderstand sex and human nature - [1 pt]  (LINK)

Total proposed Points: 25

*NB: So much was going on with the Eucharistic Congress, which was in Abp. Carlson's ArchD and Cdl. Burke's former ArchD that it was hard weeding through stuff. Hopefully I didn't miss too much in an attempt not to double up. 

Kung's Bane Week 7, 42 points

Kung's Bane logo. Can't figure out how to add a caption.
My dream player, Cardinal O'Malley is at the left, I'm
hoping to draft him in August. What do you think?
Do you love how McManus' face goes so well on Charlie
Sheen's body?
(1 point) Local Catholic paper editorial regarding a misunderstanding of something Chaput had said. There is much hot-under-the-collar stuff such as...
Newton does not actually believe that Archbishop Chaput (whom he refuses to call by name) advocates that priests break the seal of the confessional.

To even suggest that is irresponsible to the faithful and insulting to the archbishop’s intelligence, dedication to the faith, and pastoral sense. It also shows Father Newton’s ignorance of or disregard for the specifics of Canon Law.
(5 points, graceful handling of sex abuse issue)

In an article in The National Catholic Register, Archbishop Chaput defends the church's actions and commitment to justice.

Priests aren’t being “thrown under the bus,” if the “Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People” is followed correctly, Archbishop Charles Chaput of Denver affirmed.

Archbishop Chaput has confronted the problem of clergy sexual abuse in his diocese. He also addressed the broader impact of clergy misconduct on a global religious order as the Vatican’s U.S. apostolic investigator of the Legion of Christ. He has emerged as one of the Vatican’s “go-to” episcopal investigators.
Archdiocese of Denver
Archbishop Chaput
(Sha-poo, emphasis on second syllable)
Last year, when allegations of sexual misconduct involving minors were leveled against two Denver priests, Archbishop Chaput immediately placed each priest on administrative leave. He publicly noted their record of service and stressed the assumption of innocence for the accused. But he also defended his prompt action, describing it as “a necessary course to protect people’s trust in their parish and in the archdiocese. In this case, and in any other such case that may occur in the future, we follow diocesan and national policies that exist to serve the safety of our people and to respect the suffering and dignity of victims. These priorities are vitally important, and they will not change.”

(1 point) June 22, Catholic News Agency story "Archbishop Chaput warns about Catholic institutions losing religious identity"

“The more that Catholic universities or hospitals mute their religious identity; the more that Catholic social ministries weaken their religious character ... the less useful to the Gospel they become,” he said.

Meet Archbishop Chaput, Our MVP!

I crave your indulgence, just one more video. You've got to get to know this guy. He's AMAZING! I'm so sorry that Scott, the manager of Kung's Bane is not able to manage right now, but, what a blessing to get to know these amazing bishops!

(3 points, article with quotes of the Archbishop) America becoming "much less friendly to religious fredom: Archbishop issued stark warning

In this article, dated June 22, Archbishop Chaput says...

"As Catholic social agencies and hospitals in America face growing persecution from secularist, anti-life forces, they must embrace a radical faithfulness and a vigorous Catholic identity if they are to survive", said Archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver this week.
“The more that Catholic universities or hospitals mute their religious identity, the more that Catholic social ministries weaken their religious character ... the less useful to the Gospel they become,”

(1 point) General blog post praising The Archbishop. One of the commenters said this well, "The archbishop wanted to warn against simply wanting to appear charitable and not actually being charitable."

(1 point) The Archbishop is quoted in an article about a schismatic group in Trenton, New Jersey. The piece was published June 24 in The Atlantic Highlands Herald, an online paper.
"Christianity is both a comfort and challenge. When we accept what is comforting without accepting what challenges us, we stop striving for holiness. When we dispute what we do not understand, instead of prayerfully and earnestly seeking truth, we stop seeking Christ. "

(3 points) Ordination of 3 Deacons to the Archdiocese of Denver at 10am, Saturday, June 25. Click for the archived video and story.

(3 points) Trinity homily posted audio feed during the week following Trinity Sunday. He combines this with a Father's Day message Here is the feed, a nice homily.

(1 point) His address on June 21 for Catholic Social Workers National Association is titled "Renewing the Mission of Catholic Charities. This address was written about above and already earned 3 points. The Archdiocese published the address online in the middle of the week.

Bishop McManus
(1 point) blog post about his appointment of financial officers for the diocese.
“I am pleased to announce at this time that I have appointed Jerry Jussaume and Carol Adams as co-directors of the diocesan Office of Fiscal Affairs,” the bishop said. “They will succeed Msgr. Thomas Sullivan who has served as the director of the office for the past several years but who has now been appointed as a pastor.”
Bishop McManus has appointed Jerome D. Jussaume and Carol A. Adams co-directors of the diocesan Office of Fiscal Affairs, effective July 1.

(1 point) Bishop McManus donated his easement to the City of Milford for their town improvements. He was one of several land and business owners to do so. This published online and in Milford's town newspaper June 22.

(1 point) On the blog, The Anglo-Catholic, Bishop McManus is part of a list of Catholic Bishops who are to implement the new Anglo-Catholic rite in the United States. The author quoted Chesterton liberally. Very nice!

(3 points) In the secular, Worcester Telegram and Gazette, Bishop McManus is reported to be moving new priests into several churches because they were just ordained and other priests are set to retire.

(3 points) Bishop McManus dedicated a new, merged church after Blessed Pope John Paul II. The article posted in print and online June 25, 2011.

“The changes in the social fabric of our communities demand changes in our parishes to meet new needs, new challenges, and, most especially, new opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Bishop McManuswhen the merger was announced.

Bishop Olmsted

(3 points) This very cool article has the option of audio with actual clips of the people quoted, including Bishop Olmsted. The article discusses the high abortion rates for Hispanic women in the Southeastern US.

(3 points) The good Bishop presided over the mass for women. Many lovely and faithful women were honored after the mass. I don't know if you'll knock this down to 1 point because I don't have a direct quote from the Bishop and it was reported on a diocesan blog.

(3 points) Interview for Faith and Life TV, posted June 23.

(5 points) Bishop Olmsted suspended two priests under credible accusations of sexual misconduct with a minor.
The sexual misconduct claim involved actions that allegedly occurred over 25 years ago when Fr. Spaulding was the pastor of St. Maria Goretti parish in Scottsdale.
Bishop Olmsted accepted the Review Board’s determination, and the case will be referred to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome for further proceedings.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pertinacious Papists - Week 7

George - 13 points*

Made a special appearance at the archdiocesan Catechetical Ministries Graduation held at a local parish - 3 points
Celebrated a special Mass for the 120th anniversary of the National Catholic Society of Foresters - 3 points
Celebrated a special Mass for the 100th anniversary of a local parish - 3 points
Three Facebook posts - 3 points total
Quoted in an article in the Catholic San Francisco about means of addressing the sexual abuse crisis -1 point

*The Archdiocese of Chicago's website is down and has been since at least yesterday evening -- I reserve the right to add things I find there if it doesn't come back up until after the deadline today.

Vigneron - 5 points

More protests in the National catholyc Reporter against +Vigneron - 5 points (unless someone thinks that each of these is worth its own 5 points)

DiNoia - nothing

Total - 18 points

Monday, June 20, 2011

Heresy Hunters Week 6

Bishop Gracida - (7 points)
How hard is your mind? How soft is your heart?
Priestly Suicide
Problems in Boston
Priest Dies of Broken Heart
Brave New World

Bishop Slattery - (14 points)
I will be spending the greater part of today preparing for the ordinations and Corpus Christi celebrations later this month and next. But I also have to prepare for my annual retreat which will begin Monday in Rome. Can I count on your prayers that I make a good, solid, prayerful, silent retreat? Thank you in advanceSaturday at 10:46
 Remember everyone, CORPUS CHRISTI is in two Sundays. We will have Mass at 5:00 at the Cathedral, followed by the outdoor procession, Blessings of the pregnant moms and the infirm, then benediction. I hope you can join me.Friday at 19:41
There in both English and Spanish! I hope you get the chance to read this article and share with me your comments and ideas.Friday at 16:21
 I have just published my article on celibacy as a 'note' for anyone who wants to read about the spiritual power of celibacy. Now I will get the Spanish translation ready to go.Friday at 16:19
 Recently I wrote an article on celibacy for our Diocesan magazine. We have had it translated into Spanish too, and would like to share this article with as many Catholics as would be interested in learning something about celibacy, something about its spiritual power. Let me know if you would like a copy (be sure to tell me if you would like a copy in English or in Spanish)15 June at 19:36
photos of ordination 
Article from Diocesan Paper also cross posted to Face book in English and Spanish  (3 points for publication 2 for the FB posts)
Ordination of 14 deacons (3 points) 

Kung's Bane Week 6

Bishop Olmsted
(1 Point) Youtube post on June 14. The good Bishop calls young people "good news"
<iframe width="853" height="510" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
(10 points, for good handling of sex abuse scandal)
The Phoenix New Times reports the Bishop Olmsted is publishing an ongoing list of priests who have committed felony sexual assault. image.png
Spearheaded by Bishop Thomas Olmsted, the Diocese is putting out a list of sexually abusive clergymen on its newly revamped website. The unholier-than-thou inventory of pervert priests, friars, deacons, and even a bishop is meant to shed light on the abuse administered by the church over the years.

Bishop Chaput
(1 point) A theological essay, Infalibility in Question posted on June 13 lamenting the "ultra-conservative bishops (Chaput is named) who support The Pope on the subject of women-priests.
(5 points SMACK DOWN) this is a repost of a 2008 interview, but it was posted on this site just this week on June 14. I think that there should be a rule that if someone posts something anew to bring that event into a current dialogue and the piece hasn't been used in Fantasy Bishball, it's fair game. Go Chaput! Now I know how to pronounce the name. <iframe width="853" height="510" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
(3 points) Time Magazine blog discusses Joe Biden's relationship with the vatican and mentions Archbishop Chaput in an article titled, "Joe Biden's Secret Meeting with The Pope".

Archbishop Charles Chaput in Denver, criticized Biden’s position on abortion and said he should refrain from taking communion. T

Read m
(2 points) Archbisimage.png
hop Chaput dedicates a new church to Blessed John Paul II
The new chapel at St. Anthony Hospital in Lakewood was filled to capacity on June 3 for Mass and dedication by Archbishop Charles Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
Bishop McManus
(1 point) local diocesan blog tells how McManus rededicates a church. One of the steps in the closing of several parishes in the Worcester archdiocese.
“the changes in the social fabric of our communities demand changes in our parishes to meet new needs, new challenges, and most especially, new opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 6

Cardinal DiNardo - Interview/Press Conference @ USCCB meeting in Seattle - 3 points

Throwing out the 1st pitch @ an Astros game (Catholic Family Night) public appearance - 3 points

Adult confirmation, public appearance - 3 points

9 points for Cardinal DiNardo

Bihsop Bruskewitz & Bishop Nickless - both diocesan newspapers are on a Summer schedule which means that there will be several weeks worth of news when the next issue comes out, but until the stories are published, if any, they can't be counted.

So for this week my total points are 9.

The Vicious Vicars - Week 6

Ok just an update on Alaskan Summer Living:

I fished for 20 hours yesterday (yes on a Sunday, we dont have a choice the fish run when they run) and cleaned over 45 Sockeye Salmon. For some reason God packs an entire years worth of Fishing into 2 weeks in June and 2 weeks in July. It explains why Salmon is so good, and expensive.

The Vicious Vicars
Cardinal Burke:

Archbishop Carlson:
(Weekly Column) Gospel Values [1 pt]
(St. Louis Rev.) Mass for 50th Anniv. Celebration [3 pts]

Bishop Vasa:
Silent... I chose him for his orthodoxy, and I have found several blog posts about his awesomeness, just nothing that rises to the level of scoring points. I feel like I have this awesome AAA prospect, just waiting to jump in the show!

Points: [6]

I know that I am hurting in points, but my guys are solid. They just dont makes the waves of an everyday Archbishop from NY or LA - I am proud of them though!

Zealous Zucchettos - Week 6

Cardinal Rigali
Interview on Vatican Radio to talk about the 200th anniversary of his predecessor, St. John Neumann.
Papal envoy for event in Czech Republic celebrating said anniversary.

6 points total.

Nothing from Listecki or Callahan this week...pretty disappointing. Still, it's likely enough to maintain my third-place spot.

Week Six Posts

From the FBL Board of Governors:

Five teams have published - time is running out for the remaining teams!

Note: Vicious Vicars have a waiver due to connectivity issues (so Joe claims!) - and Kung's Bane has an exemption due to a change in managers. But everyone else should get their posts in today in order to be counted.

The Boys of Sunday, Week 6

Another light week for Bishop Morlino as he is currently overseas teaching seminarians in Rome. Archbishop Gomez was quiet, likely because of the USCCB meetings. Archbishop Dolan, on the other hand, came out with guns a-blazing as he tackled the topic of gay marriage in multiple forums. This strong push from Dolan to defend marriage drew the ire of progressives, liberals and atheists. One publication went so far as to name Dolan the "d-bag of the day."

Archbishop Timothy Dolan [28 pts]
Link 1 - [1 pt] Another fine blog post defending traditional marriage in NYS
Link 2 - [3 pts] Presided @ Diaconate ordination Mass. Link is from the homily.
Link 3 - [3 pts] How could I not claim this... Abp. Dolan presides over the USCCB meeting.
Link 4 - [1 pt] Father's day blog post
Link 5 - [1 pt] Column re: Pentecost
Link 6 - [5 pts] Maureen Dowd tackling Abp. Dolan at the NY Times because of his support of true marriage. Of course she manages to exploit the sex abuse scandal to satisfy her own personal agenda.
Link 7 - [1 pt] Facebook post (6/17)
Link 8 - [5 pts] Protests in NYC over Dolan praying for traditional marriage during Mass at St. Patrick's
Link 9 - [3 pts] Dolan interviewed in radio call-in show.
Link 10 - [5 pts] Incredibly insulting commentary from Instinct Magazine calling Archbishop Dolan the "d-bag of the day."

Bishop Robert Morlino [8 pts]
Link 1 - [2 pts] Facebook posts (6/14, 6/14,
Link 2 - [3 pt] Offered Mass @ tomb of Pope John Paul II (Facebook 6/16)
Link 3 - [3 pt] Guest lecturing @ N. American College in Rome (Facebook 6/16)

Archbishop Jose Gomez [4 pts]
Link 1 - [3 pt] Facebook posts (6/15, 6/17, 6/19)
Link 2 - [1 pt] Column in diocesan newspaper

My unofficial tally: 40 pts

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mighty Mitres - Week 6

Alrighty,  now!  Didn't keep up day by day but at least I'm getting my post together the night before.  Using that as a benchmark, I should be up to par in approximately 6 weeks.

Bishop John Conley:

I'll leave the first one up to Larry.  It was a Mass of dedication that was done on the 11th but it wasn't reported about until the 13th.  Don't these people understand they need to report immediately??

Bishop James D. Conley, Auxiliary Bishop of Denver, blesses the cornerstone of St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church in Sterling during a special Mass of re-dedication celebrated Saturday during the church's 100-year anniversary celebration. 

Bishop Salvatore Cordileone:

From Catholic Online:   An article about the release of the second in a series of videos, "Made for Life",  for the Defense of Marriage Initiative.  

Bishop Cordileone, who is chairman of the USCCB committee was quoted as saying: 
"Our culture is one that often forgets the sacred gift of the child, and in so doing it also fails to recognize the vital importance of a mother and a father together for the life and upbringing of that child," said Bishop Salvatore Cordileone of Oakland, California, chairman of the Committee.

"In contemporary debates about the meaning of marriage, the rights and dignity of the child should be at the forefront. The video Made for Life builds on the first video Made for Each Other and invites a renewed appreciation for the child, for mothers and fathers, and for the bond between love and life in marriage-a bond only possible through the sexual difference of husband and wife. The video also addresses a real gap today in public awareness, namely, the close connection between a culture of life and a culture that promotes and protects marriage. The two cannot be separated."
From New York Times:  At the Seattle meeting Bishop Cordileone also was quoted as saying concerning the fact that some Catholics believing homosexual "marriage" is a civil rights issue: (is the previous string of words the very worse sentence you've ever read?  Sister St. Philomena is in heaven crying and asking herself where she went wrong. heh)
“My reflection on this is to ask, whose rights do we really need to respect?”
“Children are the most vulnerable in society,” he concluded, “and children need a mother and a father.”
From Iobserve: concerning the new document the bishops will prepare concerning homilies
Bishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of Oakland, Calif., said he thought the document should focus not only on Sunday homilies but on sermons at funerals and weddings.
"I've heard very few funeral homilies, and I've been to a lot of funerals," Bishop Cordileone said. "I've heard eulogies and I've heard some canonization nominations, but I have heard very few homilies."

Bishop Paul Etienne:

Blog post with his complete Father's day homily:   Father’s Day “lesson” on Holy Trinity

So the total would be:  Five?? 


Pertinacious Papists - Week 6

George - 10 points

Celebrated a special Mass for the 150th anniversary of Old St. Patrick Church - 3 points
Did a Q&A segment for the archdiocese's Youtube channel - 3 points (I'm taking these as tentative points -- the segment appears to have been filmed in February, but it wasn't made available on the channel until this week)
Released a statement on the Vatican's appointment of two new auxiliary bishops for the Archdiocese of Chicago - 1 point
Published a column in the archdiocesan newspaper - 1 point
Two Facebook posts - 2 points

Vigneron and DiNoia - nothing

Total - 10 points

Crusading Croziers - Week 6

Bishop Finn (8 points)

Article from 6/14 on a prayer vigil held in support of Bishop Finn (1 pt)

Transcript of Bishop Finn's Pentecost homily. (1 pt)

The Bishop Finn Must Go Facebook page (5 pts)

Article on the ordination of 8 deacons (1 pt)

Bishop Tobin (0 points)

Bishop Lynch (4 points)

Devotedly Yours - blogpost (1 pt)

Sleepless In Seattle - blogpost (1 pt)

Devotedly Yours Part Too 40,000 Feet - blogpost (1 pt)

Red, White and Blue - blogpost (1 pt)

12 points for the Crusading Croziers in Week 6.

Purple Padres

Some links from Cardinal Wuerl:
Cardinal reports on progress toward US ordinariate for ex-Anglicans (1 pt)

Rome and Washington Become 'Sister' Cities (1 pt)

Ordinations to the Priesthood: In the Shadow of Blessed John Paul II (1 pt)

Cardinal Praises Providence Hospital for 150 Years of Service (1 pt)

And one from Archbishop Sheehan - a letter to all parishes on the outbreak of recent wildfires:

Wildfire Letter (1 pt)

5 points this week for The Purple Padres.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Standings - Week Five

Week Five of Bishball witnessed a reduction in scoring totals from previous weeks for nearly every team, while in the Western Conference, the Pertinacious Papists have quietly closed within 10 points of The Boys Of Sunday for most points in the league.*

The Team Everybody Loves To Hate - aka The Boys Of Sunday - posted a mere 18-points for Week 5, as Bishop Morlino was nearly shut out for the week, contributing 1-point to the team. This allowed The Crusading Croziers to close the gap, but only negligibly, as they amassed 22 points, led by an 11-point effort of Bishop Finn. The Double Z's managed only 6 points for the week, and saw their lead over the Dubuque Fighting Saints shrink to 4-points, as the Saints came in with 12 points.

In the West, the Pertinacious Papists increased their lead to an incredible 57 points, as they turned in a 29-point performance, while the second place Heresy Hunters stumbled in with 10 points. The Vicious Vicars climbed into third, despite an 8-point showing, as the Mighty Mitres could only muster 2 points for the week. Rounding out the conference are the Purple Padres, who posted a season-high 6-point week.


1. Boys of Sunday [115]
2. Crusading Croziers [81]
3. Zealous Zucchettos [44]
4. Dubuque Fighting Saints [40]
5. *Küng's Bane [4]


1. Pertinacious Papists [105]
2. Heresy Hunters [58]
3. Vicious Vicars [46]
4. Mighty Mitres [42]
5. Purple Padres [15]

League management has accepted the proposal for an interim manager to take over duties of Küng's Bane. They have a tough road to hoe to competitively contend, but it's a long season. Several consecutive weeks of strong scores could see them climb the standings and put pressure on the rest of the Eastern Conference. The FBL Legal Department is finalizing the application, and as soon as the interim manager emails the FBL Commissioner, the team will be taken off of inactive status.

AoftheA Sports predicts a second relatively low week of scoring, as the USCCB June meetings are underway outside Seattle this week. However, as the summer heats up, the scoring will more than likely heat up as well.

*edited for bad math.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dubuque Fighting Saints

Got the ruling from Larry

Cardinal Dinardo - Ordination of 4 priests for diocese, public appearance - 3 points
That makes the total for the week 12

The Vicious Vicars - Week 5

The Vicious Vicars:

Cardinal Burke:
Divisive Groups & Cardinal Burke [1 pt]
Canon Law Society Pays Tribute to Burke [1 or 3 pts]

Archbishop Carlson:
Announcing Clergy Appointments [1 pt]
Weekly Column [1 pt]
Request for Support [1 pt]

Bishop Vasa:
Course at Napa Valley Mens Conference [1 pt]

This is based solely on "GOOGLE ALERTS" - I could barely get this page to load. I seriously am staying at a place with the slowest internet ever. I can post from my phone fine, but I cant link, and do crazy stuff like that. I didnt know we wouldnt have internet otherwise I would have gone into town this weekend and done the post. Sorry.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Purple Padres, Week 5

Here's some more from Cardinal Wuerl.

An article on the Anglican Ordinariate (1 pt)

An article on the impact of Blessed Pope John Paul II (1 pt)

Bishop Paprocki

A column in the Catholic Times (1 pt)

Archbishop Sheehan

Ordination Mass on June 11 (noted on Archdiocesan Facebook page, but no separate listing anywhere else) - (3 pts)

6 points for the Purple Padres! Yeah!

Week 5 - The Mighty Mitres...

are sitting in the dug out - or something.

Every Google alert was on old stuff.  Arrrrrrgh!!!

(1 pt) Bishop Etienne did have one lonely little blog post

(1 pt??) Pupils at St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School in Concord enjoyed a lively visit with Bishop Salvatore Cordileone on May 16, peppering him with questions, including, “Do you want to be pope?”  This was just published in the diocesan newspaper, even though it occurred on May 16th.  You decide...

Is it possible to have only TWO points???

Larry - good suggestions in your previous post - I thank you.  Every week I'm determined to do a better job of keeping up and my ADD interferes.  As Dr. Hollawell, a leading ADD expert says, "for those of us with ADD, we recognize only two times - now and not now."  For me, "now" happens at 9am Monday morning.  "Not now" was the entire previous week. 

I'm depressed!  I'm going to lay down with a cold pack on my forehead.

The Boys of Sunday, Week 5

It was a light week for the Boys. Bishop Morlino must be on vacation.

Archbishop Dolan [9 pts]
Link 1 - [1 pt] Audio of homily @ St. Patrick's Cathedral
Link 2 - [1 pt] Blog post
Link 3 - [1 pt] Conversation w/ the Archbishop weekly radio show. Discussed the upcoming gay marriage vote in NYS with state senator, Ruben Diaz.
Link 4 - [3 pts] Offers Mass @ St. Anthony church as part of the parish's novena
Link 5 - [3 pts] Special Mass for 125th anniversary of Sisters of Divine Compassion

Bishop Morlino [1 pts]
Link 1 - [1 pt] Facebook post on 6/7

Archbishop Gomez [8 pts]
Link 1 - [3 pts] Facebook posts on 6/6, 6/7, 6/9
Link 2 - [1 pt] Diocesan paper column
Link 3 - [1 pt] Co-authored statement with other California bishops
Link 4 - [3 pts] Presided @ diaconate ordination of 14 men. Video is from his homily.

My unofficial tally: 18 pts

Zealous Zucchettos - Week 5

Cardinal Rigali
Dedicated Our Lady of Guadalupe church in Buckingham.
Named Leslie Davila new Director of Office for Child and Youth Protection.

4 points...pretty slow for Cardinal Rigali (at least in articles that quote him)

Archbishop Listecki
Gave "motions update" for ongoing archdiocesan Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing.

Bishop Callahan
Pentecost message on YouTube.

Overall, that's 6 points...pretty slow week, but likely enough for us to maintain third place in our division...

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Heresy Hunters Week 5

Bishop Gracida (3 points)
Pentecost post
The Boston Diocese and Contraception
Death of Dr Death

Bishop Slattery (7 points)
60 hours of adoration for the Pope  (linked from Facebook)
Celebrating the Beatification of Bishop Juan Palafox  (link posted on FB page)
Post on Diocese FB Page
Posted picture on Diocese FB page
Pictures from prison Confirmations

Posted June 6 -  Since I have so many new friends here, I would greatly appreciate it if you could visit our Diocesan Facebook page at and give it a "Like." You'll find lots of compelling and edifying news, video and photo content from throughout the Catholic world there. Thank you!
I just looked over the proofs of the Eastern Oklahoma Catholic with the stories of the ordination of Frs. Jorge Gómez (July 1) and Mike Pratt (July 9). This Sunday we have the ordination of 14 young men to the diaconate. What a blessed time for the diocese!08 June at 11:54

The Crusading Croziers - Week 5

Bishop Finn (11 pts)

Releases 5-point plan re: alleged sexual misconduct in the diocese. (1 pt)

The witch-hunt of Bishop Finn continues: Kansas City Vicar-General Accused of Sexual Misconduct (5 pts)

And another smear piece - where Bp Finn is compared to Weiner, Schwarzeneggar, Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Mahmoud Abdel-Salam Omar: Who Are These Guys And Where Did They Come From? (5 pts)

Bishop Tobin (4 pt)

The Promises Of The Priesthood - column in Rhode Island Catholic (1 pt)

Quoted in new article about a Diocese of Providence priest who was named "Chaplain of His Holiness" with the title "Reverend Monsignor" by Pope Benedict XVI. Key quote: “The Diocese of Providence is very grateful for the news that Monsignor Kenney has been selected as a Chaplain of His Holiness. This selection is a wonderful recognition of his service to the Church as Rector of the Seminary and now as Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia. As I have said on so many occasions, the priests of the Providence Diocese are remarkable men, in love with the Lord, faithful to the priesthood and very generous in their many ministries." (3 pts)

Bishop Lynch (7 pts)

Rounding The Sacramental Bases - blogpost (1 pt)

Good Morning Monsignor - blogpost (1 pt)

Commissioned And Missioned - blogpost (1 pt)

Serendipity Or Divine Providence - blogpost (1 pt)

Special Mass - Blessing of Our Lady of Guadalupe Shrine (3 pts)

Total for the week: 22 points

Pertinacious Papists - Week 5

George - 15 points

Dedicated a new archdiocesan prayer garden at a local parish - 3 points
Celebrated a special Mass during the annual gathering of the Holy Name Society - 3 points
Celebrated a special Mass at a local parish for jubilarians in religious life - 3 points
Celebrated a special Mass for the Lumen Cordium Society - 3 points
Three Facebook posts this week - 3 points total

Vigneron - 14 points

Ordained two men to the holy priesthood - 3 points
Protested against by many attendees at the American Catholic Council gathering - 5 points
Protested against in two NcR articles about the conference and +Vigneron's condemnation of it - 5 points
Gave his blessing to the gathering of the Call to Holiness conference (quote at bottom of page) - 1 point

DiNoia - nothing

Total - 29 points

Dubuque Fighting Saints - Week 5

I'm doing this a day early as I will be off the next few days on a pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help

Bishop Nickless - Globe coverage of deacon ordination (9 June) included homily - 3 points public appearance + 1 for published homily

Globe coverage of Mass for closing of parish in Neptune, IA (9 June) included homily - 3 points for public appearance + 1 for homily

Blog post - 1 point

9 total

Bishop Bruskewitz - Diocesan Newspaper for last Friday isn't up yet although it should have been up so will have to count in next week's scoring since the articles won't be up until then (hopefully)

Cardinal DiNardo - waiting for a ruling

9 points so far total.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Points Posts Publishing Pointers - Edited

A couple things regarding publishing your points posts:

* This is merely a suggestion, but I've found it to work for me. On Monday, I start my current week's points post, and throughout the week, I add to it any citations, articles, blogposts, etc. I come across in my Reader. Under 'Post Options', I set the Post date and time to the upcoming Sunday and 11:00 PM (that's just what I picked - you can choose whatever time you want). You can also save the post as a Draft, and then publish it when you want. This way I'm not scrambling on the Sunday or Monday at the end of the scoring period to publish on time. It helps with formatting too. For what it's worth.

* Now that we're a month into the season, I'm going to start holding managers to publish their points posts prior to 3:00 PM EST 11:59 PM EST on the Monday after the week of play. I've accepted late submissions, but the grace period is over. Just trying to be fair to everyone who has been posting on time.

* This is a minor thing, but it's something I'm kinda anal about - please label your points post with your team name and the scoring week, at a minimum.

* Regarding Küng's Bane - bishball fan Random O.C. Christian has offered to co-manage the team for the remainder of the season. Everyone else cool with that?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Zealous Zucchettos - Week 4

Cardinal Rigali
Only one publication from him this week...

However, once again he got slammed by the National Catholic Distorter...

6 points for Rigali!

Archbishop Listecki
Memorial Day Mass at Calvary Cemetery in Milwaukee.
Herald of Hope column on Bishop-designate Hying.

4 points for Listecki!

Bishop Callahan
Announcement that a long-time priest is switching parishes...and sticking up in defense of said decision.
Words in honor of a recently deceased area philanthropist, known especially for giving back to the Catholic hospitals and schools in that area.

Even Bishop Callahan gets 2 points!

Overall, we're talkin' 12 points total...woulda posted this earlier, but yesterday was my birthday, and I was busy celebrating with family.

Standings - Week Four (Updated)

The Fantasy Bishball season turns one month old, and as one team is forced to fold, another team keeps their foot on the gas pedal, and shows no sign of slowing down. If there's one conclusion that be drawn from the first four weeks of play, it's this:

The Boys Of Sunday are formidable.

They are the New York Yankees, the Dallas Cowboys and the Miami Heat all rolled into one. They have quickly distinguished themselves as The Team Everyone Loves To Hate - and yet, each team manager secretly desires to have any of TBOS players on their roster.

TBOS continued to pull away from the rest of the Eastern Conference with a staggering 40 point week, led by Dolan's 16 point performance, as Gomez and Morlino each chipped in 12. The Crusading Croziers turned in a strong 24 point week - without any help from Bishop Tobin - yet they still lost ground to TBOS, who now enjoy a whopping 38 point advantage over the 2nd-place Croziers, 97-59. The Dubuque Fighting Saints mustered a mere 4 points, but it was enough to skip past the Zealous Zucchetto's for third place - provided the Double Z's fail to post before the end of the day. *UPDATE* - the Zealous Zuchhetto's posted a 12-point week, which secured their hold on third, keeping the Fighting Saints in fourth.

In the Western Conference, the Pertinacious Papists surged into first place with an impressive 31 point week, cruising past the Heresy Hunters. HH has a chance to stay close or maintain their hold on the top spot should they post today - however, a source close to the team has confided to AoftheA Sports that they may have to forfeit this week's score. If that holds, the Mighty Mitres (10 pts) and the Vicious Vicars (14 pts) closed the gap between themselves and the second-place Hunters - the MM's are now only 7 points out of second place. The Purple Padres added to their total with a 1-pt week.


1. Boy of Sunday [97]
2. Crusading Croziers [59]
3. Zealous Zucchetto's [38]
4. Dubuque Fighting Saints [28]
5. *Küng's Bane [4]


1. Pertinacious Papists [76]
2. Heresy Hunters [48]
3. Mighty Mitres [40]
4. Vicious Vicars [38]
5. Purple Padres [9]

A word now about Küng's Bane. Manager ScottW reluctantly placed his team on Indefinite Hiatus earlier this week, stating that Real Life circumstances have forced him to pull out of the league. League officials (that would be me) have decided to keep Küng's Bane active for the time being, should someone step forward to helm the franchise - comprised of Archbishop Chaput, Bishop Olmsted and Bishop McManus - within the next few weeks, or if ScottW can successfully appoint an interim manager. Additionally, if the team status remains unchanged by the mid-season Substitution Day, all three players would be eligible for pick-up.

A lot may happen between now and the end of the Ordinary Season - but early indications seem to show that the team to beat in the East is The Boys Of Sunday. The Western Conference is a slightly tighter race, but just slightly. The Mighty Mitres and the Vicious Vicars hope to shake their slow start and pull closer to the top two teams - each team needs consistent big point showings, week-in and week-out, to stage a comeback.

It's a long season. There will be drama and surprises, and no one can predict how things will play out. But of this we can be sure: The Boys Of Sunday are The Team Everyone Loves To Hate.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Mighty Mitres - Week 4

I'm in grave danger of losing my assistant manager and have gone into a week of mourning.  However, Suzanne may have an exciting announcement, so I may cut my mourning short.

The Boy's of Sunday have been a busy little group this week.  Congratulations (offered grudgingly.) 

Bishop Conley:

Original Article:  Denver Catholic Register:  The good about Girl Scouting, and a caution

(5 pts?) A smack-down (gentle but firm) of the potential dangers of Girl Scouting and a caution for parents to be alert.    
Obviously it hit a nerve. The following are just some of the articles referring to his article (which I don't think earn any points, but I thought was interesting.)

Parish celebrates 100 years in building - Journal Advocate
The weekend will begin with a special Mass of Rededication celebrated by Bishop James D. Conley, Auxiliary Bishop of Denver, at 3:30 p.m. today. ...

 Bishop Etienne

(3 pts) Three blog posts


Bishop Cordileone


Bishop Cordileone invites Catholics to conference on response to ...
Catholic News Agency
Bishop Salvatore J. Cordileone of Oakland has encouraged Catholics to attend the Napa Institute's first annual conference to respond to the growth of ...

Sorry for the colorful post.  I copy and pasted from Word and I'm not sure how to change the colors since we have a black background.  Next week I'm going to try something different to make this easier. 

 So -------  I think I have 10 very colorful points.  Correct?