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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week Two: Mighty Mitres checking in... w/Update

and also making an exciting announcement.

I have asked Suzanne Gonsalves to be the assistant manager of the Mighty Mitres and she has most graciously accepted. Which is a good thing because she is doing a phenomenal job of finding points. I particularily like this part of her "acceptance speech" -
I am getting google alerts on all our bishops. I'd love to be assistant manager. You can be Steinbrenner and I'll be Yogi Berra.
Whoa - Steinbrenner? That's a lot to live up to...

Bishop Cordileone:

ordained 4 new priests
“The identity of the priest is that of Jesus Christ, as exemplified in that Last Supper,” Bishop Cordileone said in his homily. “He began that evening by washing the feet of his disciples, to teach by example the primacy of charity. Charity, of course, is love in action: not an idea, not a feeling, but the gift of self.”
Bishop Conley:

(3 points) Published May 16 EWTN
Be grateful for "the joy that comes from knowing the truth," Bishop James D. Conley exhorted the 2011 graduating class of Christendom College. He prayed that the graduates acknowledge themselves as fellow disciples of a single "Teacher," Jesus Christ.

"You have consecrated yourselves in this great service of the truth. You have built your school on the foundation of Jesus Christ, who is the way, the truth, and the life - and the true light that enlightens every man and woman," the auxiliary bishop of Denver said in his homily at the May 13 Baccalaureate Mass.

(1 point) retweet of a tweet May 19, original tweet May 14
Bishop Conley on the New Translation "We Are Praying to God in the Very Words of God"
Bishop Etienne:
If we've done this properly and I've added this up correctly (which is highly debatable since I've up since1am) we have 12 points. E 'giusto?
I'm having an awful time with the black background (also due to lack of sleep), so I hope everything is readable. Everything keeps printing in black (not good) and I have to go in and change it to white.


  Salvatore Joseph Cordileone, Bishop of Oakland, celebrated the Closing of School Mass on May 19, 2011

Does that earn me back a point??

Cool - the print shows up.  


  1. Adrienne - I got you for 10 points. The ordination Mass is 3 points; 3 points for Conley's appearance at Christendom. I have to discount the retweet, because it references JM Talbot's original article from May 14 (last week) which is a reprint of an April talk.

    4 points for Etienne's blog posts.

    Total of 10.

    And I like the Asst Manager idea. I may have to "hire" someone, too.