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Monday, May 30, 2011

Week 3 - Mighty Mitres

Suzanne has been hard at work - and I thank her.

[Either 8 or 4 points]  Denver Ordains 8 New Priests: Mass concelebrants included Denver Auxiliary Bishop James D. Conley.  If not full points we should at least get half points.  Ya think??

New LIFE; New Realism

[1 point]  May 29th, 2011 | Author: Bishop Paul D. Etienne
[3 points] Cordileone homily at the ordination of 4 priests, published May 23 
"This is the night before our Lord died, and he leaves no doubt as to what kind of Church he intended to leave behind, beginning with and building upon the foundation stones of the apostles."

(5 points) SMACK DOWN.  Several specific smack downs here in "Reclaiming the Culture" radio interview. 

The Manhattan Declaration, Cordileone is a signatory of it.

"We all recognize things have gone too far, that something has to be done to keep our country from going over the a certain sense it is a call to think of women who are supposed to be pro-choice but they had no choice...there are so many effected by this so-called decision...violence against many people are hurt by these issues....we have to draw a line in the sand and say that we will not accommodate a culture of death."


  1. Ordination Mass is a 3 point event. So, if my math is right, you received 14 points for week 3.

  2. Obviously, my math is NOT right - make that 12 points.