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Monday, May 30, 2011

Vicious Vicars - Week Three

The Vicious Vicars

  • Cardinal Burke:
Announcements about various things he will be speaking at & hosting during the summer, but all for events to come. Nothing seemed to fit into the point scoring definitions
  • Archbishop Carlson:
(Diocesan Paper Article - Also Tweeted) All Are Called to Serve the Poor and Homeless - [1 Point]
  • Bishop Vasa:
(MP3 Series of Talks (16 in all)) - On the Interior Life - [3 Points (Similar to a Book/Radio interview - or since it is 16, do I get 16 x 3? :))]
(Special Mass - H.S. Baccalaureate) Ursuline Baccalaureate Mass - [1 Point?]

Total: 7 points

NB: I think I am being to nice about my points. I just don't want to accidentally "Double Up" on things. For example Abp. Carlson "invited" folks to the upcoming Eucharistic Congress in St. L this summer. I dont think I get points for that, but will when it happens... right? I dont know... I still say that I have the most Orthodox team.


  1. Joe - I'm giving you 12 points, as special Masses count as 3 points.

    And I'm awarding you the point for Carlson's "invitation" - it's not technically a 'double up', because he's the original source.

    Of course, once the Congress occurs, you can only take the points for the appearance, and not include points for a transcript for his talk, for instance.

  2. Right.... Ok.

    You know what I look forward too: The debate of the "Rules Committee" that is going to occur regarding "Scoring Rules" at the end of the season :)