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Monday, May 16, 2011

Vicious Vicars - Week One

The Vicious Vicars

Links for Raymond Cardinal Burke: (ithink points: 7)
Cardinal Burke and PP on the Vortex (3)
Lecture at the Dominican House of Studies in Washington D.C. - On the Theo-Centric Character of the Catholic Liturgy (3)
 (*NEW*) Cardinal Burke said a Mass during the PP trip - FINALLY found his Homily (1)

Links for Archbishop Robert Carlson: (ithink points: 4)
Abp. Carlson announces Archbishop Burke Teacher Awards (Do I get double points since these are the Burke awards? :)) (1)
Campus Ministry Across the ArchD (1)
Catholic Homes Play Integral Role in Fostering Vocations (1)
St. Louis Seminary Planning to Add IPF Spirituality Model (1)

Links for Vasa:

Some of this stuff was covered in a duplicitous manner. Profiles about Burke here and there and stories. I wasn't sure how we were going to score that, so I tried to make my points match other peoples without trying to "Squeeze" points out. I hope this is the right way to do a points post.


  1. 6 points for Burke; 4 for Carlson - total of 10.

    although...the last item for Carlson was about something that happened 4/28. Do you have the date when the piece was published? Strictly for verification.

  2. Larry - It came up in Google News during this week, but the website is AWFUL.

    I did find the Homily of the Mass Burke had down in the pro-life rally in Texas, so that could "fill in".

    Did I do this post right? I will add more detail next week.

  3. Joe - post format is fine. I'll let you trade the homily for the Carlson item (only because I'm nice, and I'm totally over the Wings being eliminated in the playoffs). So you get 10 points.

    As far as the "Burke profile" stories - context does matter. If it's someone complaining and whining, then they don't count (unless it's some Catholyc group, like Catholycs for Choice - we like it when the dissidents get their panties in a twist!). But if it's a thoughtful, well-written piece - with quotes - then I think those can count. You can always cite them and let the Commissioner make the call.